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    Can't sell a 272LE in the NE.. what a shame-

    It is on it's trailer......a very nice, good trailer.....Pat
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    Flying the American flag

    Justin, my friend Steve Sell sailed a Cape Cod Cat out at our club for about 10 years....they are very good looking boats and fun to sail.....Steve's father built was all wood....his father Hugh Sell built it in their wood-working shop here in Wichita....we thought we were pretty tough...
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    272LE Engine Replacement

    Our O'day 272 LE was delivered to Wichita from the factory in Ma. and still has the original 10 hp.engine manufactured in Massachusetts by Westerbeke a.10 hp...We purchased the boat in 1986 or 85 directly from the O'day dealer in Wichita.....aside from changing the oil, the engine has required...
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    stack-pak issues

    Heather is really good on ladders.....esp. boarding ladders after falling in the water.. Patrick
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    PolyGlow quick shine solution - beware !

    The hulls were not painted at the O'day factory....they had polished gelcoat...and had not seen paint until our boat dealer painted the bottom only.....the rest was and still is, pure gel coat
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    stack-pak issues

    This is an old post
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    A real Shackleton experience

    Justin, our bubbler works very well, I can remember one year about 14-15 years ago, the actual air temp was 14 below, but I drove out and the slip was free of ice.....just bubbling away....but it's in the garage this year... the boat is in the yard.......keep in touch....Patrick
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    One summer night... or many?

    We bought our boat in 1986 and I think it is likely that we sailed less than 5 times this year so far.....It looks like the end of the sailing to me. It has been a grand time however, but things just happen that interfere with our plans...nearly every time we get to the boat we end up doing...
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    Going off the grid for a while - I'm Back!!!!!!

    Shane, good luck to you guys on your delivery to the islands...I wish I was going.....but we've been there 10 times in the past; although that really doesn't is always the current trip that is the guys take care and keep in touch if you have a chance....We had Gregg...
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    New England in late October - early November

    I believe your drive should include a stop in Newport, Rhode Island and sure and tour the downtown harbor and walk some slips....also take a drive along Newport's coastline and take in some of the mansions......some are open to the public....the old mansion built by the founders of...
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    O'Day 322 gooseneck question

    I agree the possibly the missing spacer you note is the culprit....I'm going to the lake tomorrow and will take a look at mine at the goose neck....this trip assumes it will be warmer is windy and frigid today. .
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    Mystic..... where to stay

    Justin, we stayed at a fabulous little place....Charlie's Mystic Harbor Inn.....quite a few years ago....we have nearly enough memories to last a's a great place to stay ...!!1 may have been rebranded by now.. followed the signs from Rte. 1-A...they had a great bluegrass band...
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    Anyone replaced stanchions on an O'day 23? Advice needed

    I believe the gaskets you can purchase from D & R are butyl, or rubber and they have an adhesive side which gives a very good , tight seal.....they have holes already drilled for the stanchion base. Two people make this job much can pull down the headliner only in the area of the...
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    Westerbeke 10-2 engine

    You might call Westerbeke Corp....they have staff to answer your specific question (s).....they have helped me a lot...Patrick
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    Trailer questions for a 272

    Victor, in an ideal world where you locate the bunks will play a big part if "oil canning" occurs as noted by Victor in the previous post....normally, this does not cause any damage, but it looks rather the ideal/perfect world you can locate the stringers supporting the hull i.e, on...
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    PolyGlow quick shine solution - beware !

    I do know our boat was delivered to American Inland Yachts in a December snow storm ('86) and never had paint on the was pure gelcoat from the factory....I've got pictures of our boat in the yard as my wife stood next to it and handed a check to pay for the boat to the owner of American...
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    Trailer questions for a 272

    Although I have not looked at the pictures, I can tell you or suggest you don't position the boat on the trailer such that the wings of the keel are carrying any is highly suggested that the boat be positioned on the trailer such that the weight of the boat is resting on the...
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    PolyGlow quick shine solution - beware !

    The liquid removers from Poly-Glow and for poly glow removal do nothing....absolutely nothing....I have published the name of the floor wax remover which is easy to use and takes the old poly glow right off..........if the water ever goes down, you can walk over to my boat and see the...
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    Fast or Furious?

    J-Racer, aka Shane; great pictures of our lake as well.....good reading; and studying...Heather's sister's husband sails and mostly races his J-35...".Killer " out of Charleston YC...I don't think they do any cruising....Patrick
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    PolyGlow quick shine solution - beware !

    We tried for many years to remove the polyglow, we bought the boat in 1986....anyway it was recommended we purchase a floor wax remover from a local janitorial supply store and it took the polyglow right off....we used it according to the instructions and the old 1986 LE looks brand new.....took...