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    Flapper goes off for no reason

    My flapper keeps going off every 20 seconds. My bilge is bone dry. Its is a consistent pulse. I have checked the wires - all seems ok. I even changed the circuit breaker. Any ideas? The bilge breaker is on the off position. So only water in the bilge should set off the flapper; it seems...
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    Pedestal table night light Beneteau 343 2007

    I have my Beneteau 343.. and the Pedestal table night light doesn't work. Any suggestions where to get a replacement. I know sait air corrodes this stuff.
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    replacing bathroom fixtures beneteau 343

    I have a 2007 Beneteau 343 - and the bathroom combination sink and shower needs replacement (just the chrome, the valves seem ok. Has anyone done this? Where do I find these fixtures? Thanks. Sally
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    Windlass on a Beneteau 343

    I am sailing costal Florida with a Beneteau 343. (so just dropping anchor to enjoy the day).. The boat has never had a Windlass. Can anyone recommend the right Windlass?
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    What is the mattress size in the aft cabin beneteau 343

    What is the mattress size of the Beneteau 343 in the aft cabin and what size sheets fit?
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    Reverse Osmosis system under sink Beneteau 343

    Can a small reverse osmosis system fit under the sink? If so, what models have you all used? any recommendations?