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    Shifter Replacement

    Just in case you have not seen this new item in the HOW Store we now have a replacement shifter for the old Morse/Teleflex MV-2.
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    ....for some of us less informed boat owners.

    In case some of the less informed boat owners are interested, Jamestown Distributors has some very nice videos on How-To.
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    Note on maintenance from Mack Boring Class

    Here are some notes that someone took from a Mack Boring Class. Remember these are someone else notes.
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    Yanmar JH impeller access

    For those of you who have had issues changing the impeller on a Yanmar JH engine, I have a solution for some of you. We installed an access door on the port side of the engine box. This gives us a clear view of the impeller access plate. We have also installed a SpeedSeal over to make this a...
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    Oil in marine diesels

    Here is another article on oil in a marine engine. It takes a slightly differnt point of view on why you need to run some of these small diesel engines at higher RPM's. While many would like you to believe that you are saving your engine at lower RPM's this article reinforces Yanmars...
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    SOPA & PIPA Stopped (for now)
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    Barbara Campbell - Golden State Diesel

    I regret to announce the passing of Barbara Campbell of Golden State Diesel. It appears that Barbara had heart surgery in the past couple of weeks and she did not recover from the procedure. This lady was a hoot. When anyone would call her for a part, she would almost always say "I've got...
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    Sea Hood removal/replacement on Hunter Vision 36

    Sea Hood removal/replacement on Hunter Vision 36. Here are some photos of what is under the sea hood of a Hunter Vision 36. There are two large bolts that run thru the traveler and into the top of the cabin that help secure the sea hood. Then there are about six small screws that hold it in place.
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    Stu Jackson & family are almost famous!

    Stu Jackson & Family swimming in SF?
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    Kudos to Flojet - VSD Pump

    Several weeks ago our fresh water pump went off (started pumping)at about 4am. I got out my bunk and turned off the pump switch. I had an old pump at home so I installed it the following week and all was well. I decided to call Flojet and ask for advice. The fellow I spoke with asked my for...
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    Time to laugh a "little".

    They say the happiest days in life are the day you buy a boat and the day you sell it!!! Well, here's a good BOAT story... Joe and John were identical twins. Joe owned an old dilapidated boat and kept pretty much to himself. One day he rented out his boat to a group of out-of-staters who sank...
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    Revenge is sweet

    November 12, 2010 – Lake County We normally don't follow election results in 'Lectronic Latitude, but we felt our readers would be interested to learn that Lake County's Sheriff Rod Mitchell was ousted last Wednesday by a reasonably close margin. Deputy Francisco Rivero received 53.9% of the...
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    West Marine winter hours

    I was a little surprised to find that our local West Marine store had "winter hours" that included the closing of the store on Sunday & Monday. I just wondered if they are doing this in some other areas. Maybe it is just stores that are not producing this time of the year? This store is in...
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    I just came across a comic strip of B.C. that I thought I would share. The Definition of "Re-port". re-port: When a ship sets sail - does a one-eighty - and docks!
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    Friend needs help with Jeanneau S.O. 35 shift linkage

    One of the sailors in our marina had a little problem on Sunday morning. He tried to shift his engine/tranmission into neutral and nothing happened. Upon inspection, it appear that the cable is broken. The setup is a little different on the Jeanneau. They have a rod connected to the shift...
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    Please Update Your Profiles

    I would hope that everyone would have updated their personal profiles by now. It would be good to know the general vicinity of where your live/dock your vessel when replying to questions. Very few sailors on the West (left) Coast or South East ever pull their boats except to do maintenance...
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    Opinions Please!

    I am looking at a new sump/bilge pump for our head sink/shower. Does anyone have opinions on the "WHALE’S NEW SUPERSUB SMART 650". It looks like the latest & greatest technology, but do they work. The sensor for the high water is built in and electronic. This is what I hope really works...
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    Stanchion Options 83-87 Hunters

    I took some photos of some alternative options for those of you who have the extrusion type mounts for your stanchions on the toe rail. The early boats used an extrusion that screwed into the toe rail. It appears that the later boats used a more traditional stanchion.
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    Hunter Vision 36 Owners

    I have a 1994 Hunter Vision 36. I am looking to install a electric windlass in the anchor locker. I would like to see some pictures and advice on which types & brands of units that you may have installed on your boat. The original though was the get a verticle unit, but I am not sure how to...
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    Victory at sea? Enjoy!