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  1. rgranger

    Take two: Sell day is NOT one of the happiest…

    I didn’t want to hijack @DAVA390 ’s thread so I started this one. I sold my Hunter 26 today. It was not a happy day. After it was over with I went back to the house and had what only could be described as an adrenaline crash …took an hour and a half nap before I could do anything productive...
  2. rgranger

    Dark Days

    My wife recently told me she would like us to get jet skis. This will only lead to less sailing. :yikes::wahwah:
  3. rgranger

    Some will hate this!!!

    Okay all you wizards of wind... this is a world renowned physics claiming a wind driven vehicle can be made to go down wind faster than the wind —- mind blown!!!!
  4. rgranger

    Beautiful day

  5. rgranger


    Went to do some work on my boat today and found this... well actually found something was absent
  6. rgranger

    This is crazy

    Have you seen this?
  7. rgranger

    Looking for boat bike ideas?

    A friend sent this video and I could not help but think that a lot of cruisers would love to have some of these bikes... Some don't really fit the cruiser profile but there are a few that pack up nice and tight that would make perfect cruising bikes.
  8. rgranger

    Would you call this a lug sail..?

    So I saw this interesting sharpie and got to wondering what (if) the correct name would be for the sail. To my eye it is almost a lug sail but it has a lower sprit that looks more like a modern boom with a gooseneck AND the luff is bent to the mast instead of extending forward. So is it a...
  9. rgranger

    Video of cargo ship launchings...

  10. rgranger

    From the Skuttlebutt site...

    Heart Warming Video
  11. rgranger

    COVID good for the shipping industry...?

    I saw this interesting article on the South Carolina Port Authority news page... I guess all of the on-line shopping has really put a boom on retail shipping from overseas. We have seen so many stories this year of...
  12. rgranger

    Cargo Ship snaps in half

    You may remember the Vendée Globe ship that snapped in half in rough seas... well it happened to a cargo ship and now they have video.
  13. rgranger

    Are you Bi?

    Bi-boater I mean....(Okay that was click bait... ) :biggrin: I am wondering how many of us on this forum are secretly bi-boaters. What I mean is... how many of you are also power boaters? It is not uncommon to see a thread with an "us vs. them" theme with respect to power boaters (stink...
  14. rgranger

    Who "owns" a mooring buoy?

    There is a local guy offering to sell his mooring buoy for $900. If you set a buoy do you "own" it? Is this one of those "possession is 90%" kind of things or is there the force of law behind this. I know you can buy a buoy system at WM and it is yours but I feel like the fact that you set...
  15. rgranger

    Parting out a Mac 23, Venture Newport

    Hello forum-ites I have no affiliation with this person but thought I'd point people here to this. There is a guy parting out a V23. If you need some stuff for yours, this might be a lead.
  16. rgranger

    Sailboat falls off trailer

    FYI: This post was on Cruiser's Forum
  17. rgranger

    Sliding gunter I didn’t want to hijack the lantern rig thread so I started a new one. I think this would be a very sexy rig for a small VickIng longboat replica ... like this one. Move the mast forward and it should work. i was also intrigued...
  18. rgranger

    Lets talk tongue weight...

    I had an interesting experience this week. I towed my Hunter 26 a total of 465 miles from Montgomery Al to Charleston. I have never had any trouble with trailering this boat but on this trip the trailer got very squirrely when I was on a long gradual decline. It would start to sway side to...
  19. rgranger

    Life Jacket with Harness reviews/recommendations

    Now that I've moved to the coast, I know I will be doing a lot of single handed sailing along the coast and will need to set up a jack line. So I either need to add a harness or get a combo set up. I'd like to hear if you like your vest/harness and if you don't like yours, why? SBO has this...
  20. rgranger

    Email notifications are not working

    Hello I’m having trouble with e-mail notifications. I tried from my phone and from my laptop. when I click the link I get thnx