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  1. Jim 5757

    Replacing Chainplates

    I've finally decided it's time to replace the 45 year old chainplates on our Morgan 28OI. These are 1/4 x1_1/2" SS Bar stock, externally mounted with 3 1/2" carriage bolts per. No obvious failure but lots of rust running down the hull over the last few years. Anyway Morgan had welded bushings at...
  2. Jim 5757

    Belt size for M3-20

    We seem to be having a problem locating the correct size belt for our Universal M3-20. All pulleys are stock items. Factory part # is 302084, (over $43 bucks:yikes:) but that puts the alternator almost out to the end of adjustment range. Gates gives #7355 which is 36.18" OD; the same as the...
  3. Jim 5757

    Stuffing Box Corrosion?

    Has anyone had any success with coating the bronze stuffing box to prevent the green stuff?
  4. Jim 5757

    And so it begins...HBW50 rebuild

    Yesterday I started the process of removing the HBW50 transmission from our M28OI. The fuel tank and exhaust elbow are now out. Good thing! The raw water inlet is almost completely clogged. Now I can climb in under the cockpit and get to the transmission and prop shaft. Current plan is to...
  5. Jim 5757

    Interface tiller pilot with GPSIf we

    Just got a new Navico TP32 tiller pilot. Real nice unit! One problem is it won't listen to our Lowrance Gobalmap5200 GPS. If we set a course into the GPS the NAV function should steer to it via NMEA 0813 network. Anyone have ideas? BTW...Our old TP20 performed perfectly with the same setup.
  6. Jim 5757

    Fresh Water Tank

    Our 1973 Morgan 28 has a poly tank under the V-berth. I've been chasing small cracks over the past few years and welding them with my trusty soldering iron. Now I found a good-size split at the bottom near the outlet fitting. GREAT! Anyway I found ' INCA #53' molded into the top so let's see...
  7. Jim 5757

    Salon Floor Rebuild

    We're attempting to replace the rotted plywood floor on our 1973 Morgan 28. This boat has an encapsulated full length lead keel. Original 3/4" ply is heavily tapered at the edges and 'glassed onto the hull where the hull curves down to meet the keel. Unfortunately, the underside was not...
  8. Jim 5757

    Morgan 28 O/I

    With the unusually warm weather here in NJ, I have begun the task of replacing the salon floor of our boat. Of peculiar interest is the table which has a round cast aluminum base plate screwed to a wooden disc. The disc in turn has a single 1/2" nut in the center that is bolted to a stud...
  9. Jim 5757

    Running Rigging

    Hello to all! Hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday! I'm putting our off-season worklist together and came up our first problem: which brand of line to get for our genoa and main sheets? I priced 7/16" double-braid line from a few of the more popular brands, using what I believe...
  10. Jim 5757


    Awesome sail today on the Barnegat Bay! Wind is running 20-30kn+ today with 2-3-foot chop, so we ran double-reefed main with the #2 jib. Our Morgan 28 OI handled this with ease: beating into the WNW wind we made 5-6 knots with no excessive heeling and balanced rudder. Wondering why we only saw...
  11. Jim 5757

    new headsail for the Morgan 28

    Well folks, it's high time to replace the headsail on our Morgan 28 OI. The original 135% Morgan sail (40 yrs old this year:eek:) has had it! Now, here's the issue... We're using the Shaefer 650 free flying roller furler with no foil. The mfr states a SWL of 3500 lb. for this unit. The...
  12. Jim 5757


    Here's a problem that's been bugging me for years: The glass portlights on our Morgan are full of water spots (mineral deposits) that are virtually IMPOSSIBLE to remove (CLR, rubbing compound, etc.)! Years ago, I found some spot remover stuff in the local supermarket that simply dissolved the...
  13. Jim 5757


    We've been having a warm spell here in NJ, so I decided to pull the winches off the Merry Bee for cleaning. I found a couple of the bearing cages broken, so I'm now on the hunt for parts. There is only one set of holes in the deck, so I'm guessing that these are the original winches that were...
  14. Jim 5757

    anchor roller

    I have an odd request: I was looking at a Morgan 34 that was for sale locally this past summer. It was a center cockpit design with a self-tacking jib setup and an aft cabin complete with head that is accessable from the cockpit (anyone know which model?). What really interested me was the...
  15. Jim 5757

    Compass Selection

    Hey folks...I'm looking for some opinions on compasses for the Merry Bee. We currently have a bulkhead-mounted Gemini compass - methinks it's the original - and after 30+ years, it's time for an upgrade. I'm looking at the Ritchie BN-202 Navigator, but I also saw the Suunto B116 during my...
  16. Jim 5757

    Bulkhead Mounted Compass

    Hey folks...I'm looking for some opinions on compasses for our Morgan 28OI, the Merry Bee. We currently have a bulkhead-mounted Gemini compass - methinks it's the original - and after 30+ years, it's time for an upgrade. I'm looking at the Ritchie BN-202 Navigator, but I also saw the Suunto B116...
  17. Jim 5757

    Mainsheet travellers

    Our current boat is a Morgan 28 Out-Island, which originally (I believe) came equipped with a boom-end traveller at the rear of the cockpit. I suppose in an effort to "clean up" the cockpit area, a previous owner made an 'A' frame arrangement forward of the cockpit and over the companionway...
  18. Jim 5757

    Monel Fuel Tanks

    Our M28OI has a 22-gal Monel tank (1978, mfd by Allcraft Mfg of Cambridge, Mass), and while it isn't painted, it has some kind of grey-green stuff all over most of the outer surface. I recently removed the tank to rinse out the sludge that has built up over the years, and not being one to leave...
  19. Jim 5757

    Loose-footed main

    First, I want to thank you, Bill, for taking time to help us all! My question is this: Our Morgan 28 OI has a loose-footed mainsail (original) It's in fair condition, but certainly is overdue for retirement. Am I correct in assuming that we would be better off with the foot attached to the...