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  1. uncledom

    Sea Tech plumbing fitting leaks

    I thought my Wema tank sensor was failing but it turns out the Sea Tech shut off valves are leaking near the Jabsco pump under the galley sink. Is there an O ring or something that can be changed out or must I replace the valve or cut back the line? I tried to removing and re-seating the lines...
  2. uncledom

    OEM Electrical Panels

    Does any one know who made the AC and DC electrical panels used in Hunter boats in the mid 2000's?
  3. uncledom

    Boat Command product

    I just installed a Boat Command system in my Hunter 41. It wasn't very hard and most functions of the system can be installed right at the nav station behind the AC and DC panels. It seems to be the least expensive boat monitoring and control system on the market. The tech support team is...
  4. uncledom


    I just received the letter from U.S. Vessel Documentation which hopefully we all know is a scam. Just to make sure no one falls into this trap as there are more than one of these companies out there, I'd like to help you remember who your dealing with. Documentation is done by the United...
  5. uncledom

    icom CommandMicII

    The cord of the Mic has worn out from use near the connection end. Does any one know if there is a replacement Mic cord or cord end available? Thanks
  6. uncledom

    Interior Finish

    Would anyone know the finish applied to the wood work on a 2006 Hunter 41 AC? Thanks for any light you can shine on this problem.
  7. uncledom

    Hunter 41 anchor chain size

    I mic'd the current anchor chain and it seems to 9mm. It is a Lewmar windlass and I was wondering if this was the norm for the 2006 version of this boat.
  8. uncledom

    Macerator and 1" Hose

    I need to change the aft head toilet hose to the holding tank. It is a macerating head and starts out as a 1" hose for about 2 feet and then goes to 1.5" hose for the remaining 5 feet to the tank. It had a low spot in the run and that section of the hose is no longer odor blocking :frown:. I...
  9. uncledom

    Forum rummer???

    Phil, is that a new app or a Freudian slip?
  10. uncledom

    AIS is evolving to be more

    I know not everyone is a big fan of AIS due to slow update rates and the fact that not all vessels transmit, especially smaller ones. But I like the amount of information that can be easily conveyed by a target and apparently so does the USCG. Hopefully new applications will drive improvements...
  11. uncledom

    41 saloon dead lights

    I have a 2006 Hunter 41 that has a leak on the starboard dead light, forward in the saloon. I would like to purchase a new lens rather than clean the old. Does anyone know where I can purchase a replacement?