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  1. DHaranSailor

    All is Analyzed

    Anyone seen this yet? Looks like they are turning All is Lost into a example of what not to do. Interesting and thought provoking.
  2. DHaranSailor

    Wood for Restore

    Hello all - Been working on my Wayfarer and getting ready to start replacing the wood that is rotted out beyond use. Going with marine grade plywood for the flooring inserts and the rudder. Question I have is does anyone have a suggestion on what wood to use for re-building the benches...
  3. DHaranSailor

    Wayfarer Mark I GRP Questions

    Hello! I have been searching for some information on the Wayfarer Mark I GRP model of boat. I just purchased one to work on over the winter that has been neglected to say the least. The fiberglass is sound except a little bit of separation on the stringers. That brings me to my question...
  4. DHaranSailor


    Hello, We had some wind on Saturday night in Chicago and I lost my mast during the rain storm. See pictures for the very sad picture of the state I found her in on Sunday and the damage I had to the base of the mast. I had two questions. 1. I have Boat U.S. insurance on the boat. The...
  5. DHaranSailor

    Roller Furling Question

    Hello Again! I just did one last practice rig before putting into the water for the summer. I had one question on the roller furling system and rigging. If you look at the attached pictures when I tie off the halyard on the genoa and have it up, there is about 2 feet of free rope hanging...
  6. DHaranSailor

    Moving Into Monroe

    Hello again! I just got the call from the Chicago Park District today that I got a spot this summer in Monroe Harbor South! Does anyone here keep their boat at that marina as well? If so do you have any tips or warnings that I would like to know before I put in my boat? This will be my...
  7. DHaranSailor

    Strictly Sail Chicago

    Hello, I am going to the Strictly Sail Chicago show on the 25th of this month and was checking in to see if any other O'Day owners would be there. This coming year will be my first with my boat and wanted to see if I can make any connections that wouldn't mind being a reference. If there...
  8. DHaranSailor

    Polishing Tips

    Hello. Polishing my O'Day 22 with Shurhold Yacht Bright Buff Magic. This is my first time ever doing this. I think that I have the technique down for putting on about a 1'x1' square and using my random orbit buffer to do that section and strait up and down. I apply it fairly heavy and work...
  9. DHaranSailor

    New O'Day 22 Owner, Rigging

    Hello everyone! I am a proud new O'Day 22 owner. I purchased it from a great gentleman up in Milwaukee and he had a lot of documentation on the different pieces of the boat but none on rigging. I have done a few practice rigs in the driveway and need a few points of clarification on the...