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  1. Ward H

    Are Boat Shows Good Places to get Deals on New Sails?

    I've been to the past 2 Annapolis Boat Shows looking for specific items to buy, trying to get boat show deals. It mostly seemed that "Boat Show Deals" could easily be matched by carefully looking on line. The shows mostly were a good place to put your hands on gear, talk to venders and compare...
  2. Ward H

    Air Conditioning Install on C30

    I thought I’d share some photos and details of my recent install of a 10K BTU Air Conditioner on my C30. For two years I’ve been using a 6K BTU window unit mounted on a shelf on the deck and blowing into the forward hatch through ductwork made of plastic downspout pieces. That worked well...
  3. Ward H

    Groco Strainer Clogged by MUD?

    I frequently pull the Groco SS strainer basket to clean grass but I've never noticed mud in the bottom of the bowl until I pulled the strainer completely out of the boat today. The mud wasn't readily visible looking through the bowl while it was in the engine compartment. Twice this season...
  4. Ward H

    Non-working Adler Barbour Cold Box Unit

    Free for the taking. This came from my 93 Catalina 30. It wasn't working when I got the boat in 2018 and I did no troubleshooting on it. I replaced it last year. Not really interested in shipping it but will consider if it is still sitting around in a month or two. (no time to box it up this...
  5. Ward H

    Universal M25-XP Overheat Issue - Followup

    Went for a sail yesterday, 2nd of the season. Motor overheated within 10 minutes of leaving slip. Did some trouble shooting on the water and after being towed back into the slip. After my last step I started the motor and it had good water flow. Never found a definitive reason. Here...
  6. Ward H

    Boarding Ladder Failure

    My C30 is still on the hard while I prepare for launch, which will be May 6th if all goes well. Yesterday I found the port side ladder support leg bending in and down. This leg is welded onto the main ladder frame tubing. The main tubing is collapsing at the weld, causing the leg to bend...
  7. Ward H

    Universal M25-XP Broken Engine Mount L Bracket

    Good Evening, My 93 C30 has the Universal M25-XP. When I bought it in Nov 2017 the PO was in the process of having the front starboard L Bracket replaced with one built by a machine shop. He had lost half of the broken L bracket and had a machine shop copy the port side mount. The L...
  8. Ward H

    Engine Raw Water Intake Hose

    In the spring of 2019, my 2nd season of owning my boat, I ran all new engine hoses. This included new raw water intake hose from the seacock to the bronze strainer and from the strainer to the raw water pump. I used Trident 250/100 Flex Marine Wet Exhaust and Water Hose. Each fall I pull the...
  9. Ward H

    Removing a stuck on prop question

    I’m removing the 3 blade prop on my C30 to have it refurbished. I loosened the nut and now have a 3 prong puller set up with as much tension on it as I can get. The prop hasn’t moved. Yesterday I tried applying some heat to the prop hub with a small propane torch and tapping the prop with a...
  10. Ward H

    Forum List Question

    Hi Phil, I use the Recent Activity button to bring up threads to read and I also use the "Forum List" to look specifically at the "Catalina" forums to see if I missed any threads that have slipped past my attention. To save having to scroll down past the other boat specific forums I'll collapse...
  11. Ward H

    Sad News at Garhauer Marine

    Guido Passed Away
  12. Ward H

    Refrigeration System - Always on power or battery switched power?

    I used to religiously turn off the battery selector switch when leaving the boat. Now I have a new refrigeration component system, protected by a breaker on my DC panel, I've been leaving the battery switch on so my beverages stay cold. Now I'm wondering I thought it necessary to always turn...
  13. Ward H

    Wednesday is Photo Day

    Today is the 6th and last day helping @Scott T-Bird bring down his new C320 from Cape Cod. Yesterday was a fun ride through NYC. Lady Liberty We anchored at Sandy Hook last night and enjoyed a great sunset from a quiet anchorage.
  14. Ward H

    Isotherm Air Cooled Refrigeration System Sizing

    I'm ready to replace the non working Adler Barbor refrigeration system in the ice box of my Catalina 30. The spec for the ice box 3.2 Cubic Feet. They are known to be poorly insulated so I will do what I can to improve the insulation as part of the installation. I'm looking at the Isotherm...
  15. Ward H

    Don't you hate it when motor doesn't start?

    You work all day getting the boat ready for launch and the last thing on the list is to test start the motor AND IT DOESN'T START! You spend 20-30 minutes trouble shooting! You end up staring at the engine panel in vain, Only to discover you forgot you don't run turn the ignition switch to...
  16. Ward H

    Stay At Home projects: Lanyards and Helm Wheel Wrap

    Since, like everyone else, I'd have plenty of time to complete some of those projects on my "Would Be Nice" list, I started playing with Paracord braiding. First up was making wrist lanyards for my boat and rigging knives. I followed some basic instructions, then would braid up a lanyard, take...
  17. Ward H

    Turks Head Knot Question

    I'm spending some of my newly found free time wrapping my helm wheel. I've never tied a turks head knot before so I went to You Tube and watched several videos. I can now make one on my fingers but my question is about making it on the wheel. My question is this: How do I split the turks head...
  18. Ward H

    List of Marinas/Boatyards Status

    I found this on another forum. Thought it warranted it's own thread. Status of Marinas & Boatyards
  19. Ward H

    Orientation of fuel vacuum gauge?

    Installing a fuel vacuum gauge is on this springs project list. Is the orientation of the vacuum gauge critical? I'd like to mount it horizontally, face up. Thanks Ward
  20. Ward H

    Shout Out to The GPS Store and (gasp) West Marine

    I went to the Annapolis show with the intent of coming home with a Standard Horizon GX6000. The GPS Store had it online for a very good price and would be at the show. Another online store that I use had it for the same price but wouldn't be at the show. I had forgotten most of the venders...