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    Galveston Sailing?

    Looking for anyones experiences on sailing the Houston area. Places of interest or anywhere to steer clear of. I know its not the most glamorous place to go but its the only thing Ive got right now. Thank you for any help you may provide!
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    Unknown Bristol Herreschoff? Browsing the ads for projects I really don't need, i came across this. I messaged they current owner and beyond the only newspaper ad in the listing he doesn't know a whole lot about it. Has anyone here...
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    the keys back country and gulf side?

    My wife and i are heading down to the keys for two weeks of sailing with out potter-19. she draws 18" loaded. has anyone here taken their boats through waltz key basin or anywhere through the back country? any notable points of interest? we'll be making a few trips to the Atlantic sides aw well...
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    Internal halyards

    I've got a donor mast for a C22 project and it's the same exact extrusion. There was a internal halyard ran with a exit cut but no plate. Wanting to go internal my question is, do you need an exit plate and if so which one would you suggest? Thank you for any help!