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    Alternator charging for lithium batteries

    From our RV friends I found this article. CHARGING DIY CAMPER BATTERIES WITH A B2B (BATTERY TO BATTERY) CHARGER A battery to battery charger takes the voltage and amperage that is being put out by the vehicle alternator and regulates the amperage down to a modest pre-set level and boosts the...
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    Social Distancing Boredom.

    I have had a couple of small outboards and a 9' inflatable Zodiac stored away for a few years. Looking for something to do I decided to take out the boat, inflate it and get fuel and oil for the Mercury 3.3 HP 2 stroke 28 lbs. outboard. I have been purchasing the registration sticker every...
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    Moorings, Tortola BVI

    Just got this picture
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    Out of the water and on the road in under a minute.
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    Hey Phil, what is happening?

    Phil, I'm not being allowed to post and I'm getting this message, "Please read guidelines before posting". In the past week it has happened twice and I would like to know what specific comments I made have made that may have been construed as offensive to trigger warnings and restrictions for...
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    Found this article on Bilge Pumps

    Bilge Pump Capacity: Do The Math By Beth A. Leonard Just how much water can your bilge pump move? Probably a lot less than you think. Click image to enlarge. If you have any boat larger than a small runabout, chances are you have an electric bilge pump somewhere aboard. That bilge pump is not...
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    Just a question?

    How many of you carry cable cutters aboard your boat and have you ever used them? Perhaps those who don't and are safety minded might take notice. We were sailing a 22' boat on our way to St. Michaels on the Chesapeake when our mast just fell over (suspect a clevis pin failure on one of the...
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    Glue for hatch handle

    On the h320 the handle for the small hatch in the head became unglued. Before I go out and get some epoxy to glue it back on is there something I should know or is there a recommended product. I try to keep abreast of new products in the market but I obviously skipped the glues chapter...
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    Sail Cuba.

    The US has recently granted licenses for ferry services to Cuba. The announcement goes on to say that travel will not commence until bureaucratic hurdles are cleared. The process for private boats to enter into Cuba has been in place and is open for business. There are no hurdles there...
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    Exhaust hose

    It has been more than 20 years since I replaced an exhaust hose. Are there any new products out there that provide superior performance? Looking to replace the hose from mixing elbow to muffler in a 2GM-20F.
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    Engine wont start.

    I'm having a problem in an area where I do not have much experience. Let me first give some background. We are trying to bring a GM1 back to working condition after a 2 year hiatus. A month ago we found that a copious amount of water had gotten into the fuel tank. We tried extracting...
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    I have been seeing some postings regarding selection of new winches or repairing of old ones. Just a reminder of how important it is to place at least three wraps of line on the drums to even out the load. This will make your winches last longer and operate smoother; it is of special...
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    To all of those that think Florida is the armpit of the Nation, we send you a warm X-mas greeting from all of us, from the deck of our boats in shorts and T-shirts or no shirts. The only thing cold here might be the brew in my hand. The wind is good, life is good. Merry Christmas and hope...
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    Mothball Fleet

    Ran into this Mothball Fleet in the California Delta. Just waiting to be sold for scrap I guess.
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    Big wheel or little wheel?

    Some time ago sailors used to look for small wheels to open up the space around the cockpit, especially to be able to walk around it from the helm chair. Later on we began to emulate the racing boats and started seeking them big destroyer wheels. It is no secret that the bigger the wheel the...
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    America's Cup

    Planning to be in San Francisco the weekend of September 13th. When I found it that the finals of the America's Cup where being held at that time I was elated but then started looking at the boats and the competition and was deeply disappointed. It looks like somebody purchased the America's...
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    The European Model is hinting about the posibility of a storm forming by this coming Sunday in the area of southern coastal Georgia and tracking up the Eastern Seaboard. It is still early and the probability stands at 50%. It would be most prudent to keep an eye on the weather for the next...
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    Over 200 Marine Manuals

    It has been a while since someone posted this so I thought it might be good to post it again in hope someone may benefit.
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    Netflix movie "Deep Water"

    This is a documentary of the story of Donald Crowhurst and the race around the world non-stop. It has a lot of film footage on the competitors and lesser known details.
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    Question of the day.

    How was it determined that it is safe to discharge a battery to 50% of its capacity but to go beyond would shorten it's useful life? Any myth busters?