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    Kudos to Peggy Hall - Installed Raritan Fresh Head no worries about contamination now

    My new to me 2002 Catalina 310 had an odor issue. I replaced all the waste hoses and installed a larger diameter tank vent and also started using Noflex digester as recommended in Peggy Hall's book that I'd purchased after an odor issue in a previous sailboat I owned (turned out to be smelly...
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    Replacing Catalina 310 rubrail

    I need to replace the rubrail on both the port and starboard sides as well as some damaged sections of aluminum rubrail track. Have any other 310 owners done this? If so, what did you do? Did you order material from Catalina Direct. If you had to replace any track how did you go about it?
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    Strange starting issue - anyone else experienced?

    I have an odd problem with my starter I wonder if anyone else has encountered before with their 310. I moved my boat to a new marina with a friend today on the Ches Bay. We got out a bit, raised our sails and shut the engine down then sailed to for a while. When we started the engine again...
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    What model Universal diesel in 2002 Catalina 310?

    I am having a hard time determining if I have the Universal model M25XPB or the M25XP. Can someone who has a 2002 (or a 2001 or 2003) Catalina 310 tell me what Universal diesel model they have? I am trying to figure out how to bleed it and the M25XPB is supposed to be self bleeding. Thanks! Is...
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    Matching color of cabin top nonskid for gelcoat repair

    I want to fix a few dings in the topside gelcoat of my 2002 Catalina 310, particularly on the nonskid, with a Gibco mold . Some of the nonskid, especially on the cabin top, is not a pure white. It is almost pinkish. Has anyone done this and, if so, how did you match the gelcoat color? Catalina...
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    Replacing freshwater hoses on Catalina 310

    The majority of the freshwater system hoses on my 2002 Catalina 310 are brittle and I a bit concerned about mold. They are original equipment. I got a quote to have the yard replace all the hose runs. However, I am wondering if it might be an "easy enough" job to do myself to save some money. I...
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    Help finding step by step guide for bleeding fuel line on M-25XPBC Diesel on my 2002 Catalina 310

    I am going to be inspecting -- and replacing as necessary -- the primary and secondary fuel filters -- on my new to me Catalina 310 either as part of winter layup or spring commissioning. From having previously owned a Yanmar 20GM10F on my last boat, I know that I will have to bleed the fuel...
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    Replacing propane supply system

    I want to replace all the key components of my propane system (not including the tank itself) back to my stove. Has anyone done this before? Catalina Direct sells all the parts including the regulator, solenoid, and gas supply hose. Replacing the components in the locker does not appear to be...
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    Rebedding bow pulpit on Catalina 310

    I recently purchased a 2002 Catalina 310. During the survey, the moisture meter read "wet" around two of the stanchions for the bow pulpit. I want to take the whole pulpit off and rebed it but can't figure out how to reach the bolts on each of the pulpit stanchions. Has anyone ever done this...
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    DIY galley alternatives

    I have a '77 C-22. I am not finding much use for the sliding galley, at least not enough to compensate for all the space it takes up. I am thinking of making something much smaller to hold a small alcohol stove and a washtub that I would add a spline on the bottom to put in the slot the...
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    How do you know when to replace winch?

    I have a '77 C-22 swing keel that I am slowly restoring as I can afford to. I am going to be replacing the turning ball, keel cable, hose and clamps this spring with the Catalina Direct kit. My question is, should I also replace the original winch? It appears to work fine. Just has a little...
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    Best Paint for Inside of Hull

    I am going to be restoring the interior of my Catalina 22 this winter. It is a 1997 vintage boat. I want to paint the inside of the lockers in the cabin and think I should use some sort of marine epoxy based paint. Does that make sense?
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    DIY Roller Fuller for Catalina 22 Question

    I am contemplating building a PVC-based roller fuller following online plans. The only modification I would like to make is to see if it is possible to do it without having to take the mast down as I moor my boat and won't haul it out until winter. Has anyone ever successfully installed a...
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    Gudgeon Mounting Bolts for Rudder

    I have '76 Catalina and am getting a little water in the bilge. It is probably rain water that has saturated the flotation. I sponge it up and, next day, there is some more which means the foam is probably holding water and releasing it. But, I have also read that the gudgeon mounting bolts...
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    Help Repairing damage to Inner Skin of Boat from Core Repair

    I have a 1976 Catalina 22 with a soft deck around the mast step. I began repairs of it this weekend by cutting out the outer skin (as per This Old Boat and other references). The skin came off easily enough (see attached photo). Most core was either saturated and rotted or dry rotted...
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    Depth for cut to remove top deck for recore job

    I am going to be doing a small deck recore and wanted to confirm with anyone who has done it that the correct depth for the cut to remove the top skin to get to the core is 1/4"? Thanks in advance for your answer.
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    Recoring after unsuccesful "Drill and Fill"

    I purchased a 1976 Catalina 22 last year. It is in good overall condition except for some rotted core material on the cabin top from the sliding hatch forward. When I bought her I knew nothing about "soft decks" but, afterward, sounded it with a screw driver, narrowed the problem area to the...
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    Transom Scuppers - Catalina Direct Alternative

    I was going to go with the Catalina Direct kit until I saw the price. I recently got rid of the the scary looking brass pipe nipple apparatus the cockpit drains of my '76 Cat 22 previously went to. I installed two proper thru-hulls (using a CD kit), one for each of the drains, on the flats...
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    Water infiltration but outer hull sound.

    I recently bought a '76 cat 22 as it was the only way to get a mooring in a marina I have long wanted a spot in. It is so popular moorings only come open when someone dies or if you buy a boat for sale on an existing mooring. I got a low price on it and the boat seems to be in decent enough...
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    Need help upgrading thru hull

    Today, I removed the old frozen gate valve and brass pipe nipple from my Catalina 22. Now I want to order the Catalina Direct replacement thru hull and installation kit. But, I don't see how I can install the new thru hull from the kit (which comes with a wooden for support on the hull) on top...