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    How to rig outhaul (and the rest) on O'Day 272? The manual doesn't show the outhaul.

    Can someone explain, or better yet show a diagram or photo, of how to rig the outhaul on an O'Day 272? I installed a new sail, which is a loose foot sail unlike the original O'Day sail. The O'Day 272 has a 3 rope clutch. This is for the main halyard, main sheet, and reefing line. So where...
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    O'Day 272 has a Vetus Water Loc for 2" hose but a 1 7/8" hose and 1 7/8" exhaust thru-hull? Is this right?

    I was replacing old hoses on my 1984 O'Day 272 and noticed that the exhaust water hose is 1 7/8". I then measured the exhaust thru-hull and that is also around 1 7/8", definitely not 2". Yet the Vetus Water Loc is a 50mm model (2") and is made for a 2" hose. Is it normal for an O'Day 272 to have...