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    Reef line Routing

    I would not use a snake or other implements to push as it has the potentials to wrap around a few other lines without you knowing it. You can't see inside the boom or mast. It is too long and too dark and you can't steer the snake. Later you might wonder how come some line are harder to pull...
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    Leaking from recently installed PYI PSS Shaft Seal

    As you stated: "Please note, the picture below was taken shortly after system was ‘burped’. " There is no need to "burp" the newer design. It has a vent hose to release air trapped in the water side. Check the manual. By burping you might have inadvertently let in some debris such as sand or...
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    Where do I find this part?

    The best way to get "ALL" the water out is vacuum cleaner. With shore power (can use inverter): No shore power...
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    Selden 300 fuller only gets 3/4 of a turn

    First of all you need to understand the theory of the furling mechanism: (1) When the sail is out, most the line is wound in to the drum (2) When the sail is wrap around the foil, most of the line is pulled out. The is a seesaw operation. First of all, hand wound the sail onto the furling...
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    Removing a stuck on prop question

    When I pull my prop from a CS30, I wrap the shaft above the prop with a few layers of tin foil. Soak it with ATF / Acetone or PBlast. Just loosen the prop nut about 1/8". Keep the bearing puller on and tighten it as far as you can get. Let it sit for a day or two. The bearing puller thread...
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    CDI Flexible Furler

    I had the same on my old Macgregor 26S. I pull a line in the slots to prevent it from collapsing. Clamp it between a pair of 2x4 and douse it with very hot water. You could use heat gun but be careful not to melt it.
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    lifehack for budget bluewater boats for a family of 4

    No stopping in between? No warming up and sit around just to charge the batteries? My friend went on a Hunter Legend 37.5 a while back. Diesel costed >$10,000. Sir you calculation is based on straight flight line. Don't you go exploring? Sailing/motoring is never a straight line. What's the...
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    Stroke of genius or act of lunacy?

    All of theses must be recorded on video and GPS screen shots to beat the prosecutors and lawyers. What if you sail/motor right to the border (with GPS tracking of cause) with a dingy on tow. Meet your friend (or the owner/customer) with another dingy coming to meet you. As you get off the boat...
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    lifehack for budget bluewater boats for a family of 4

    Montreal to Florida keys and back would take about half a year (fall to spring) at least. Diesel alone will cost your over $10,000 if sailing a lot of the time. Inter-coastal water way (ICW) is mostly motoring. Never mind repair and upgrades, mooring fees, docking along the way, medical...
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    Inverters and induction cooktop

    Years ago I tried to discourage a club member to rip out the diesel and went with electric. His argument was " We mostly use the boat for day sailing and weekending so I’m not to concerned about re-charging as I always return to shore power. " Not my boat anyway, but a few years later he had...
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    Fortress anchor on 331

    It will never set in weedy bottom. The pointy end keep lifting due to weed and not enough weight to dig in. We were in Georgian bay one time. I thought it was set but it only get caught in the weed. Next morning we were on shore grounded. Took a whole day to get out. I throw it out by the end of...
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    2021 Photo Contest -- Winners Announced Monday

    Blue Nose sailing nearby.
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    Winter Generator

    20W self contained solar panel from Amazon maintaining 3 batteries. Face the panel due South tilted according to the latitude. Placed outside of the cover on a pole. Works for me. Pandemic made me do it last year as I can't get to the boat to plug in every month.
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    Digital sextant

    Bring more than 1 GPS. Should cost less than this gizmo. What the Hell, just wait for black Friday and get a bunch for cheap. If the government(s) jam the GPS, the world is at war. No point trying to figure out where you are. Rum is more important than GPS.
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    So Many Projects, Where to Start?

    Project always has dependencies: time, money, other project first etc. One thing always lead to another. If you stick to a prescribed priority, nothing can get done in a reasonable time. They gets in the way of progress. I took a slightly different approach. I'll do those project that has most...
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    Questions regarding M26c vinyl pop-top cover

    I had a M26S for years. Camping out in Georgian Bay, Ontario, Canada isn't fun with bugs. A roll of snap-on buttons solved the problem. Keep the cover in place even with moderate wind.
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    What is the price difference for a couple of grommets? I bet it doesn't make any difference from the sail maker.
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    Adding an electric fuel lift pump on older Hunter's with Yanmar diesels,

    Amazing that people would spent all the effort, money and worries to replace filters, add chemicals and fuel polishing but ignore the O-ring on the deck fill. After a fuel issue almost crashed my boat on a rocky shore 13 years ago. I removed and clean the fuel tank completely and treat it as...