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    Seafarer 22

    So, I was doing a little more searching around for trailerable boats, when I found one called the Seafarer 22: Wasn't able to find any particularly helpful reviews about it. I did find this page...
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    Catalina 22 or Tanzer 22

    Hey folks, Well, I've been taking my time since I posted this message (Beginner Questions), looking around for a decent trailer sailer. I've narrowed it down, I think, to two boats: the Catalina 22 and the Tanzer 22. They seem to be roughly comparable in terms of size, though
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    Beginner Questions

    Hello folks, I'm basically a beginner to sailing "real" boats. I've got no formal sailing experience in terms of being "school-trained", if there is such a thing. I have a canoe with a sailing rig that I've played with for years, and I can handle that just fine. And I took a course recently...