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    Catalina 22 or Tanzer 22

    Most older boats are out of production. Most boats use off the shelf parts with a handful of boat specific parts in the mix. The extra weight of the T22 will make it more comfortable in waves but to what degree I'm not quite sure. I suspect that the Catalina might be a little faster but I could...
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    Help! Please post a picture of your O'Day 25 trailer :)

    That looks like a giant turnbuckle cut in half
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    79 Hunter 30 - What make of roller furler is this?

    If you end up repairing the furler I recommend BC Precision for Torlon and stainless bearings. I think I got 500 stainless for $10 shipped.
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    Toe rail carriage bolts

    Does Tef-Gel interfere with sealants such as 4200 or butyl?
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    Stop wires slapping inside of mast?

    If you have a halyard and your standing rigging is not connected to the masthead maybe you could go aloft, remove the masthead and work some pool noodles or pipe insulation into the mast? I know this isn't likely to work out in reality
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    Keel Mast Plate Replacement

    What model O'Day do you have? What's the reasoning for wanting to make it stronger?
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    Best caulk for deadlight?

    I'm not sure about LifeSeal but I know the Dow & Corning and Sikaflex sealants mentioned in this thread are commonly used for this application. Removing and resealing like DArcy mentioned isn't as hard as you might think
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    Best caulk for deadlight?

    Since butyl has low adhesion, it wont work if you just want to seal the edge. I've found that if it's exposed it'll often make a mess and get tracked elsewhere. I've read that 3M 5200/4200/4000 technically isn't compatible with lexan. 4200 and 5200 aren't the best for applications that are...
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    H240 hatch board storage?

    I've been contemplating installing a small gear hammock for this exact purpose. Cost is around $14 for the hammock and hooks. Only requires four screws to install
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    Hard starting - Looking to diagnose electrical system

    I don't remember the exact capacity of the battery at the beginning of the year but it did pass. I pulled it to charge a few days ago so I'll try to get it over to an auto parts store for testing before re-installing it
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    Hard starting - Looking to diagnose electrical system

    The starter has a hard time turning over the engine unless it's been freshly charged. It's been like that with multiple batteries. Would the starter tester at an auto parts store tell me any useful info if they can connect it to their machine?
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    Hard starting - Looking to diagnose electrical system

    I didn't think about it but you guys are absolutely about needing to measure the voltage drops while cranking. I don't have shore power available while I'm away. I can get my hands on one of those big chargers that auto shops use to charge/jump cars. This would give me a lot more time to...
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    Hard starting - Looking to diagnose electrical system

    I have an OMC saildrive that sucks a ton of energy out of my batteries. I want to determine if the old 2awg cabling is suffering from corrosion, the starter relay has any resistance and if the 43 year old motor is operating as it should. What is the acceptable resistance I should see for the...
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    Potable water leaking into bilge - 06 H38

    You can buy dye tracer at hardware stores that glows under black light if you're worried about food dye creating stains
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    Power washing the bilge?

    I'm not going to to comment on how good or bad it is to use a pressure washer in a bilge. You could section off a small area with plastic or wood so water doesnt splash everywhere. Leave the engine/pump in the cockpit or dock and use the gun inside. I would leave the bilge open with a fan on it...
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    Bilge Pump

    There's only one above water factory through hull on my O'Day 25. It's located on the side. The front sink drains through it as does my bilge pump. My pump was installed at the front of the bilge by a PO. I would prefer to do the back of the bilge since it's the deepest point. Anyways, the hose...
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    Looking for a good paint stripper

    I've used TotalBoat brand stripper to remove topside paint. I have an unopened tub if you want to buy it. PM me. I'll let it go cheap
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    Simple head question

    Thank you Peggy!
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    Just bought a CAL34, question on wiring Depth Finder

    It's recommended to use tinned copper wiring in boats to avoid corrosion but it's not absolutely necessary. You can solder or use decent crimp connectors. If soldering, I recommend twisting the wires together as a first step using a technique similar to this: I think the most difficult step...