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    310 Polar Diagram

    I'm looking for a Polar Diagram for my 2000 310 (No Tippy) with a 135 Genoa, wing keel, and an in-mast furling main. I'm hoping that someone may have one or know where I can get one. Thanks and I hope 2021 sailing is better than 2020 Covid year. Frank Hines 310 #17 No Tippy Lake Carlyle, Ill.
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    In-mast furling Outhaul car on boom Rubber Upstand replacement

    Last year the Rubber Angled Upstand fell apart on my in-mast furling outhaul car which rides on the boom. It is rubber and accessible to the sun and will degrade in time. Mine fell apart and when sailing or in the slip would whistle loudly in the wind. The Genoa Stirup assembly also becomes...
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    In-Mast Furling Outhaul replacement line

    My 2000 year 310 with in-mast furling needs the Outhaul line replaced. I'd like to buy one this winter (boat is winterized) for a spring time replacement. My owners manual doesn't give me the length or size. (minimum shrinkage) I imagine this has been done before so someone has measured and...
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    Catalina 310 boom end cover

    I have a 2000 310 with in-mast furling. I've been using an empty plastic bottle to plug the boom end to keep the birds out. They sometime peck the bottle and push it into the boom. I'm so tired of cleaning it out. Does anyone know of a standard snap on cover for the end of the boom or how to...
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    Catalina 310 end of boom cover

    Hi mates. I have been plugging the end of my boom with a plastic bottle to keep out the bird nests. They peck at it until it slides in enough to build a nest. it is really hard to clean the nest out. My boat has in-mast furling so the boom is exposed. Does anyone know if there is a standard...
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    In-Mast Mainsail question

    Fellow 310 owners/sail manufacturers I've had my 310 for two years now and I have in-mast furling. I love it . There are maybe 10 boats with in-mast furling in my marina which located is in the midwest and have 4 seasons. In the spring and fall we can get a 45 degree temp change in a few hours...
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    Venting Battery enclosure

    Hello Mates Has anyone figured out how to vent the battery enclosure, particularly vertically? My 310 and another 310 in my marina had CO monitor go off due due to hydrogen. My new monitor went off due to boat batteries just needing some di water but my friends went off when a couple cells went...
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    Carbon Monoxide Monitor going off at night in the slip

    This may have been discussed long ago on a forum but I couldn't find it. I recently installed a CO monitor in my 31 ft. Catalina. I motored out for 30 minutes, sailed for 4 hours, and motored back to slip. No Alarm. At three in the morning with nothing on but the battery charger and AC unit, the...
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    A/C Condensate Drain

    Presently my A/C condensate drains into my bilge. The PO added the unit without a condensate slurper and I think it would be too hard to add one. I would like to run the drain to the head sink drain. My A/C unit is in the port lazarette. I believe there is plenty of downward slope. My question...
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    A/C Condensate Drain

    Most likely an old topic but my A/C unit is located in the port lazarette and the condensate drain empties into the bilge. (which is terrible) I'm thinking of running it to the head sink drain maintaining a downward slope. "T " ing it above the water line. I know I will have to leave the head...
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    Tuning an in mast furling rig

    Fellow 310 owners. I'm sorry to bring this topic up again but I lost my numbers for tuning my rig that has in mast furling. I have my mast nice and vertical. I have the new Loos gauge. Some sailers say they like to tune to 15% of breaking strength but not me. I thought I had my uppers at 1250...
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    Need New Helm Engine Pod Voltmeter

    On my 310 the Seaward Helm Pod voltmeter is reading about 2 volts higher than the actual voltage. (I verified this with a VOM at the batteries and on the breaker panel.) Do I have to use Catalina Direct's replacement voltmeter ,which looks a little different, or does anyone know where I can get...
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    Mid-Boat Cleats

    Hello Mates I'm still getting used to my new-to-me 310. I back into my slip with the dock finger on my starboard side. (Still on the learning curve on backing into slip) My boat has a cleat on each side mid-ship that is mounted on the car rail. My question is: Is it wise to use these mid-ship...
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    A/C raw water pump cavitating

    Hello Mates. Every time I clean the A/C raw water pump filter, the pump cavitates. I tried filling the filter housing with water before re-adding, but it didn't help. I have to remove the output hose and turn on pump to let water flow to stop cavitating. A previous post in a different forum...
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    310 25XP Harness to Seaward Helm Pod Drawing

    Does anyone have an accurate "310 25XP Harness to Seaward Helm Pod" drawing? My 310 Manual harness drawing does not show any connection of the fuel lift pump to the ignition switch, or a third connection from the ignition switch (S) to the glow plugs. It's a poor drawing. Maybe someone on the...
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    Hello Mates Bugs this year were terrible. Anyone know of a reasonable priced Sunbrella companionway cover with screen for a 310? One that will roll up it's screen cover for air and light and preferably fasten to boat with Velcro. Thanks Frank #17 Lake Carlyle, Ill.
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    Faucet Rubber Gaskets

    Hello Mates. Well I need your help again. I have a dripping faucet that turns on the pump randomly and the first mate said fix it. I spent hours trying to find a replacement rubber washer but it is unique to our faucets. (5/8 Dia. with an indent for the unique nut.) Anyone know where to get...
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    Adding Bilge Counter

    I'm going to add a bilge counter and would like to know if someone on the forum has added one and where did you pick up the direct battery voltage? Is there a fuse providing voltage to the bilge pump mounted somewhere that I could tap off 12 volts for the counter? Thanks Frank Hines "No Tippy"
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    Sailboat buying scam

    1St: We are loving our Catalina 310 2Nd: I advertised my Catalina 27 on and received a text from a man who said he wanted to buy it without even seeing it. Out of the clear blue sky, I get a certified check in the mail (which looks very real) for $5000 more than asking...
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    Adding 2nd Shore Power Connector and Switch

    Fellow Sailors I believe this topic should have been covered in the past so sorry to bring it up again but I would like to add a second shore power connector in my anchor well so I can pull the boat forward into my slip and not have to run a 50 ft. cable. (Backing in gives a terrible view) Is...