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    Hard starting - Looking to diagnose electrical system

    I have an OMC saildrive that sucks a ton of energy out of my batteries. I want to determine if the old 2awg cabling is suffering from corrosion, the starter relay has any resistance and if the 43 year old motor is operating as it should. What is the acceptable resistance I should see for the...
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    Dyneema for traveler?

    We were sailing in 20knts on Saturday. During a tack the boom surprised us with a violent slam as it swung across. Our traveler cleat stripped the outer covering from the line. I have some Dyneema on hand. Would it be OK to use it in this application or should I order something like Sta-Set?
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    Which winch bolts will work for me new winches?

    After losing a winch when the bolts busted clean off, I got a pair of Lewmar 40 winches. Are standard stainless bolts from the hardware store really strong enough for this application?
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    Cleaning exhaust and cooling passages - Very quick question

    I need to clean my riser out. I assume a metal wire brush is OK in this application?
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    Simple head question

    I have a portable toilet system with pump out plumbing. The boat came with some RV toilet treatment solution. It's a thick blue liquid. It stung my eyes like crazy the first time I opened it. Should this be poured in the water or holding tank?
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    A crazy story and a forewarning to those with cockpit drains and outboard rudders

    We had some cray sailing weather last week. 25+ knots and 3ft waves. Between two different marinas and yacht clubs there mustve been 40 boats out ranging from lasers and 420's to 40 footers with carbon/kevlar sails. After some thrilling sailing the winds started to pick up. I started the...
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    Bilge water wont stay put!

    The last few weeks I've noticed mold growth on a few parts of the cabin. Most of it looks like penicillium and is easy to clean. The worst part is the storage area under the cushions in the main salon. Everything feels damp. Last night while installing some vents in there I found some black...
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    A trip down the Chicago river - With pics!

    In Chicago there are two yards on the Southern branch of the Chicago river. By law they must be navigable to all boat traffic which includes sailboats. Up to twice a week bridges can be scheduled to lift by those two yards We finally launched last month. I was storing at one of the two yards on...
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    By the power of the sun...

    I'm in the market for a 50-100w solar panel and am having trouble deciding where to mount it. I can mount a 50w on the port side of the stern rail. I have the throttle control mounted there and almost never dock on that side. This mounting option would allow the panel to be angled towards the...
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    I just can't get no release!

    I have nearly the same setup as below for my mainsheet. It's incredibly difficult to release the line from the cam cleat under heavy loads. When water is ready to pour over your coming you want to be able to release it quickly. The traveler won't let the boom out as much the sheet will. I've...
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    How to tell if oil is in gas?

    We have a few gallons of gas that we can't remember if we added two stroke oil to. Is there an easy way to tell if we added gas to it? We're using amsoil 100:1 oil. The gas does not look blue but not sure if it would at that ratio
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    How far down should she be dunked?

    We finally launched last week and traveled down the Chicago river to get to Lake Michigan. Great trip, nothing broke. I'll post pics of our trip in another thread. We previously had issues getting the outboard low enough in the water. Now I think it might be too low. I have a Evinrude Yachtwin...
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    Refinishing Hatchboards

    About five minutes into sanding I realized that it would be much easier to cut new companionway hatchboards than to sand them down. I checked on D&R's website and it turns out it's covered in a veneer which is now ruined. What type of wood would you recommend for new boards?
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    Window seal wont go in!

    I pulled the seal on one of my windows in hopes of finding a replacement (there are absolutely no identification marks on the window). So far no luck yet. the bottom of the seal has UV damage so for now I'll flip it over so the UV damaged part is at the top. In order to get the seal back in I...
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    Steering Backwards

    I've seen a few pics where the wheel is backwards. Is this simply done because there's no place for a pedestal?
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    Outboard wedge

    Hi, I was wondering if anyone could measure how far out the top and bottom of their outboard wedge sticks out? Trying to figure out the correct angle. It's a bit difficult to determine when I'm unsure if any surface of the boat is actually level
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    To screw or not to screw?

    The title of this really should be "To thread or not to thread" but this gets a bit more attention. Anyways, my tongue extension is a rectangular steel tube that slides inside of the tongue. I designed it to have some plastic inside the tongue. This acts to fill in the gaps between the...
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    Oscillating Tool vs 5200

    Man this stuff sucks! I'm in the middle of a rebedding project and pulled out six out of the eight attachment points for the cabin top handrails. The last two wont budge at all with the plastic pry tool I've been using. I've seen a number of people mention a scraper blade with an oscillating...
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    Reapplying gelcoat

    I've read multiple articles about refinishing gelcoat. Unfortunately they sometimes contradict each other so I was hoping someone could clear up some basic questions for me I've read that gelcoat is simply pigmented resin yet I'm pretty sure I've seen it sold in a one part mixture If gelcoat...
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    When should standing rigging be replaced?

    I've read that standing rigging should be replaced anywhere from 10 all the way up to 20 years and also simply based on condition. My boat has been in fresh water all its life. To the best of my knowledge it hasn't had a trailer until last year so the mast was up through the winter. Most recent...