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    O’Day 28 cabin top hand rail.

    Before putting the boat away last fall I discovered a leak from the cabin starboard hand rail. This year prior to removing the winter cover I removed the interior and exterior hand rails which are bolted together through the cabin top. I discovered that sometime in the life of the boat the rail...
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    Re-winterize outboard motor

    I have a 2018 Mercury 9.9 which I used the summer of 2018 and then winterized it to factory specs for the winter. I didn’t use the motor this summer, 2019, remained on the stand in the garage. Do I need to winterize the motor again for this coming 2019-20 winter?
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    Top of the mast.

    I’m putting a wind vane transducer on top of my mast. The transducer comes with cable to be run down the inside of the mast and the package includes a drill bit and a couple of sheet metal screws to secure the thing to the mast top. To cut to the chase, does anyone have a photo/description of...
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    Better barrel bolts.

    I have these barrel bolts holding up the ladder covering my engine compartment. Last week one of the bolts had vibrated open when returning to my slip (2 cylinder diesel), the ladder fell away when I stepped down and I almost broke my neck. I’m looking to replace these with something strong that...
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    Anyone know what these are?

    One is marked ATO-12GA and the other is marked MIN-12GA. They’re connected to the battery selector switch. I can find no other markings on them.
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    Cabin engine access/steps.

    The steps down into the cabin of my O’Day 28 cover the access to the front of the engine. The panel has a cleat on the bottom then tilts back into position and is secured via a barrel bolt on each side. I’ve talked to another 28 owner who has this setup and who also almost broke his neck when...
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    Used sails price. nt to insul

    A man, who I know and trust, has a boat similar to mine. His is a 1982 O’Day 28. All he does is race. We were talking last week while I was putting away my sails and he asked me how old they are. I don’t know, could be from when the boat was new in 1981 for all I know. He said he has 5 sets of...
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    Transmission oil

    I’ve had this O’Day 28 boat several years and it has a Universal 5411 2 cylinder diesel with a Hurth HBW-5 or HBW-10 transmission. I finally read the manual and discovered that to measure the transmission oil level you unscrew the dip stick and check the level by just inserting the dip stick...
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    Battery monitor

    I’m basically a day sailor but we’re contemplating a cruise around Lake Michigan this summer. I have two batteries on the boat connected to a selector switch and when I go out I alternate batteries daily. Batteries are fully charged overnight in the slip. I don’t use much electricity, an...
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    Re-bedding deck hardware.

    My O’Day 28 will be 38 years old next Spring and I don’t know if the deck hardware has ever been re-beded. I’m wondering if anyone knows, do the machine screws which go through the hardware and deck, screw into a threaded backing plate or will I have to cut holes in the fiberglass headliner...
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    Mast creaking

    I’ve had my O’Day 28, keel stepped mast, for about 4 years now. I try to keep the stays adjusted so they’re tight on all points of sail. I’ve noticed lately that when in the cabin and under sail I can hear the mast squeaking or creaking where it goes through the deck. I’m thinking it’s moving...
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    Oberdorfer impeller change

    In the spring of 2017 I replaced the water pump on my Universal 5411 with an Oberdorfer pump. Today in preparing for the new season I replaced the impeller. Pretty straight forward except for the life of me I cannot get that split ring back on which holds the impeller on the shaft. The impeller...
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    Dead battery

    I purchased my O'Day 28 3 years ago and don't know how old the batteries are. One will not hold a charge and the other passes the load test. I'm planning to replace both in the spring. The dead one died on a day I made liberal use of my new Raymarine EV100 autopilot. I also had my IPhone and a...
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    Vinyl covers for shrouds

    My genoa and its sheets rub on the shrouds when tacking so I put those split vinyl tubes over the shrouds to protect the sail. I'm now worrying this will trap water and cause corrosion. Anyone have experience with this?
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    Hatch boards

    Thats what I call them, the three pieces of wood which block entrance to the cabin of a sailboat. Where do you store them? On my O'Day 28 I lay them on the quarter berth where they slide around and sometime startle me by banging into the hull. Is there a place on the boat that I don't know...
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    28 O'Day ports

    My 1982 O'Day 28 has small opening ports instead of the larger fixed windows. Can anyone tell me why they made my boat this way? Are there any others? I haven't seen any others like this.
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    Auto pilot

    I sail my O'Day 28 out of St. Joseph, Michigan, mostly solo. I'm trying to set the boat up so my trips out of the cockpit are minimized by running halyards and sheets to the cockpit. I've purchased EZ-Jax (lazy Jacks) which can be pulled down to parallel the boom or be deployed for dropping the...
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    O'Day 28 keel

    Does anyone know how the encapsulated keel on the O'Day 28 is made? Is it random chunks of lead in a hollow fiberglass shell or lead shot encapsulated in epoxy? I have a small crack on the lower portion of my keel, about 1/2" long that is weeping water and feels kind of oily.
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    Standing rigging tension

    Ive searched high and low for definitive numbers for setting the tension on the standing rigging on my O'Day 28. Can anyone tell me to what tension the individual shrouds and stays are set? Otherwise can someone reccomend a rigger who can do this in the St. Joseph, Michigan area?
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    Rental tools

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to change my cutlass bearing and I'm shocked by the price of the tool. I'm not shocked at the price the yard wants for the work but at $90 an hour I could save myself $270 bucks plus double for the part if I has access to the tool. This brings me to my subject. It...