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    1986 Cal 28-2 Owner's Manual

    My husband and I recently purchased a pristine 1986 Cal 28-2. The previous owners took impeccable care of her and we have tons of manuals but no owner's manual. We've found an old Cal 28 owner's manual but that's it. I've searched Lear Siegler, Hunt, and the obvious other searches but have found...
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    Change my boat name

    Hey Marty. Aren't you glad you asked!!!? My brother fell ill and gave me his boat. She was called Runaround Sue after his first wife. His second wife and I agree that a name change was in order and we researched the ceremony and christened her Free Spirit. She's performed wonderfully for 3 years...
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    Anyone own a Cal 28-2?

    You saved me a drive Thanks for the tip about First Light. I was looking to upgrade from my 26' Pearson to a Cal, Pearson, Tartan, or Sabre and First Light came up in my search. Glad I saw your note about the survey issue. I guess I'll pass on her.