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  1. J

    Big Western Lake Ontario Sailing Regatta this weekend.

    Looks like good weather (Fay is supposed to be finished by then). All sailors - racers & cruisers are invited. Hey Higgs - good party at this one!!!
  2. J

    303 Protectant now here in the Chandlery!!!

    I have been raving about this great product for a couple of years now. Good to see it is now available here from the chandlery - and at very good pricing! Thanks Phil.
  3. J

    Winter Storage for GPS??

    I couldn't find this in the archives, so thought I would ask what the rest of the sailing community does for winter storage of the boat GPS. I know that the handheld comes home. Garmin says in their manual - "do not store in places where temperature extremes may occur". They then go on to say...