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    Seeking a MKII Fantasia 35

    Thank you Dave, we did see this one. I think it is a MKI however. It would be ever so handy to find one on the east side of the country. We will take what we can get however. Thanks for looking for us.
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    Fantasia 35 Bruce Bingham Design Demand

    We are looking for a MKII Fantasia on the east coast of America or Canada but would go to Mexico or the west coast if need be. Any assistance would be appreciated. Chris and Debbie Verra
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    Fantasia 35's on East Coast

    We are looking for a MKII on the east coast or in Canada. Anyone know of one for sale....Thanks
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    Seeking a MKII Fantasia 35

    After many months of diligent searching we have decided to pursue the purchase of a Fantasia 35 MKII. Wondering if any of you know of one or more for sale of if any of you have decided to sell your own. Any help would be appreciated. You can email us at Thank you...