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  1. jviss

    Faded Sunbrella (or equivalent) Boat Canvas

    My very expensive dodger, bimini, and sail cover are badly faded. Assuming it's Subrella (no label or maker's label, unfortunately), the color is "Toast," or "Sand." I can get a few more years out of it, but I was wishing there was some kind of color-restoring dye or other klind of spray I...
  2. jviss

    T3800 - Location of Macerator Pump?

    My macerator failed. Does anyone know where they put it in the Tartan 3800? It's not at all obvious to me, and I'm afraid it may be buried beneath the waste holding tank. Thanks, jv
  3. jviss

    180W Constant Current Electronic Load 200V/20A Battery Tester Discharge Capacity

    I bought this instrument, the title of this post being the item description title on eBay. I saw in another thread that someone had one, but I can't find that thread now. It's really a remarkable value, in my opinion. Its dissipation capacity is sufficient for my house bank, so now I can test...
  4. jviss

    Remote Pressure Tank and Expansion Tanks.

    This is interesting. I have a Westerbeke with a remote coolant pressure tank because the water heater is higher-up than the engine. The Westerbeke part naming and explanations are a bit misleading, and not entirely correct, in my opinion; but I'm open to learning. They call it an expansion...
  5. jviss

    Coolant Recommendation?

    I need to drain my cooling system for a hose replacement, so this is a good opportunity to change the coolant. It's a Westerbeke 38B-FOUR, based on a normally-aspirated Mitsubishi four cylinder diesel. I have previously read about the different extended life coolants (ELC) and recall some...
  6. jviss

    My GPS Thinks It's Yesterday!

    Sailing today I went to check the tide info on the chartplotter, and the date was 8/05/2020 - yesterday! It's a B&G Zeus 2 MFD, using a B&G GPS antenna. There doesn't seem to be any way to correct or adjust the date and time, I assume it's coming off the satellites that way. Anyone have any...
  7. jviss

    Kudos to Hansen Marine Engineering and F.L. Tripp and Sons Marina

    There was a thread a while back where someone was saying that Westerbeke parts availability wasn't so good. Please allow me to put that to rest! Yesterday I finally tracked down the mysterious, slow coolant leak I have to the hose that runs from the coolant circulating pump (water pump) to...
  8. jviss

    Cleaning Non-skid Gelcoat Surfaces?

    Greetings, My cockpit sole is textured gelcoat, a fine, sand-like texture. I can't pull the dirt out of it! I've tried washing it with "boat soap" and a brush, but I can't pull the black dirt out. Any ideas?
  9. jviss

    New Bedford, MA local knowledge?

    Hi there, Thinking of visiting New Bedford next week. Anyone familiar with sailing there, taking a mooring, dinghy docks, etc.? Thanks, jv
  10. jviss

    Ship's Bell Fog Bell

    Greetings, I'm looking for a bell for my boat. I prefer a chrome plated bronze, 6" bell - the Perko model is perfect, but quite expensive. If someone has a good sounding bell, even if I had to have it chrome plated, I'm interested. Thanks, jv
  11. jviss

    Squeaky Rigid Boom Vang

    I have an Offshore Spars rigid boom vang. It squeaks! I can't identify the component that is causing the squeak . Any ideas?
  12. jviss

    How To Illuminate Mast and Spreaders At Anchor?

    I've seen some really nice, high-end yachts at anchor that have their mast and spars illuminated. It looks majestic, and can make finding your boat from the dinghy after an evening ashore much easier! Does anyone know how this is done on the "big boats?" If I do it I would like to do so in a...
  13. jviss

    Seattle Yachts International Acquires Tartan Yachts And Legacy Yachts - April 02, 2020

    How did I miss this! Sounds like good news for the brand. Seattle Yachts International Acquires Tartan Yachts And Legacy Yachts
  14. jviss

    Coolers - Objective Measure of Efficiency?

    Greetings, I just bought a new cooler for the RIB. We use the RIB to go the the "boat beach" from our mooring, which is a "thing" in Westport. I got an "Ozark Trail 26-Quart High-Performance Cooler," which is one among a lineup of Yeti clones Wal Mart sells. It was on clearance in the...
  15. jviss

    Raymarine Speed Transducer Blanking Plug

    I need one, older ST60 speed transducer. I want to clean the paddlewheel, but there's no plug present in the boat. Thanks, jv
  16. jviss

    USCG Certified LED Navigation Lights

    According to Dr. LED, theirs is the only vendor to supply USCG certified LED nav light replacement bulbs: Is that so? And if so, why would one use anything other than their bulbs to replace incandescent bulbs in existing nav lights? My bulbs for bicolor, stern, and steaming consumer what my...
  17. jviss

    Stuck Stove Valve

    Force 10 Gourmet Four Burner Range You know how the range valves push in to light and spring back easily? One of mine has just become stuck/sticky. I don't know why. What causes this, and how can I fix it? Thanks, jv
  18. jviss

    USCG NVDC Vessel Documentation Search Question

    Greetings, I recall not too long ago when performing a vessel search via the Coast Guard's National Vessel Documentation search site that results returned owner information, including name and address. Now I can't find that. I met the owner of Tartan 3800 hull no. 3 in Edgartown and neglected...
  19. jviss

    Current (July 2020) Info on Rhode Island, Newport, Goat Island, etc.?

    Greetings, We're thinking of visiting Newport and environs tomorrow, and would appreciate some current local knowledge. How are things there with the virus? We've never tried the Goat Island anchorage. Is anyone familiar with this? Where's the dingy dock, etc.? Thanks, jv
  20. jviss

    Force 10 Gourmet Four Burner Range - Sparker Location?

    Greetings, Does anyone else have this range, and know where the sparker is located? The sparker is powered by a single AA battery which is in a holder under the front, right side of the range. The sparker is, of course, 1.5V powered, and has six spark connectors and one each battery positive...