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  1. valcour

    Refer Box Drain

    I have a 2003 hull number 218, which has the refer box drain going to a Y valve under the head sink shared with the shower sump drain exiting the boat via the head intake through hull. I have replaced the Y-valve and the inline strainer between the Y-valve and the sump pump located under the...
  2. valcour

    Icebox drain not pumping dru

    I have a 2003 hull number 218 which has the ice box (12v fridge) drain to a y-valve under the head sink which is also connected to the shower sump, and drained via a diaphragm pump mounted under the head sink. It will no longer pump the fridge dry. Has anyone had problems with the hose from...
  3. valcour

    Replacement window covers

    Does anyone know who manufactures the folding blinds that were used on 2003 model Catalinas?
  4. valcour

    Connecting breather hose directly to intake silencer inlet in M25-XPB

    I have been reviewing posts about replacing the intake silencer with a K&N filter. Some have also connected the breather to the K&N. There seems to be no consensus on if this is a good idea or not, however in reply #2 to this post...
  5. valcour

    Fuel Tank leak

    Found a leak on my 13 year old aluminum tank. For those that may be wondering, it will come out the starboard side access panel after removing the water heater. The retaining dam for the tank holds water (and fuel) and has no weep hole. I also found that the shelf which holds the water heater...
  6. valcour

    tranny damper plate

    Lots of recent info on past replacements of damper plate M-25b xpb. I have some rattling noise at idle, could be the same issue, seemslike it may be getting worse this year. Any way to confirm the plate is going bad without pulling the engine? I have about 790 hours on 2003 build year. Is...
  7. valcour

    Halyard Stopper questions and answers

    Anyone know the Manufacturer of the stoppers installed on the early 2000's? I had a problem where the stopper would not lock open and let the halyard run unless someone held the handle down to ease the line. The fix may be obvious to some, but I will post here for those (like me) who may not...