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  1. Ralph Johnstone

    Outboard Motor Mount on Stern Pushpit - 2005 Hunter 36

    HOLY HORSE CRAP :yikes: ! You've got to be kidding ! ! !
  2. Ralph Johnstone

    Should the prop shaft flange be painted?

    Paint will eventually crack, pit, or whatever and allow corrosion from salt water to get back to business again. I have always covered everything in that area (but not the hose) with an aerosol spray material called Fluid Film. It remains as a heavy greasy film and spreads over any sprayed...
  3. Ralph Johnstone

    Hunter 410 shaft seal

    As @JamesG161 says, but let's get your picture just to be 100% sure. You DO NOT want a mistake in that area.
  4. Ralph Johnstone

    Replacing Cabin Sole

    Keep the reports coming. Something's got to work.
  5. Ralph Johnstone

    I need help

    A PS for post #22 ................... always use a hair drier when attacking old hose fittings. And always use a non-petroleum lube such as Super Lube when reassembling new hose fittings.
  6. Ralph Johnstone

    I need help

    I agree with replacing all hose because as you say "it's probably all overdue at 25 years". Forget the tank as you say it's plastic. Won't corrode. All the above is food for thought but again, as you say, running the line from the toilet to the tank is your real bug bear. I've done it and...
  7. Ralph Johnstone

    Replacing Cabin Sole

    @Hello Below , I wasn't going to go there, but yes, you're absolutely right. The only thing that sticks to silicone is silicone. I didn't want to mention it as I could just hear the armchair chemists lining up to shoot this all to hell. Nothing sticks to silicone and nobody should stick no...
  8. Ralph Johnstone

    Replacing Cabin Sole

    I like @BigEasy 's idea of a composite replacement which is the same thickness as the old T&H plywood. And that composite would be plywood sections covered with PlasDECK and then screwed to the liner. Screws look fine if they are strategically placed and then covered with wooden plugs inserted...
  9. Ralph Johnstone

    More on Maine Sail

    Would it be going too to far to ask @Phil Herring to set up a GoFundMe page ? I know less than nothing about setting up a GoFundMe page. In this time of endless internet scams, I think everyone here could trust such a page if it were initiated by Phil :clap:.
  10. Ralph Johnstone

    FP hose clamp failure

    Noooooooo ........................ the clamp was not 100% 316 SS as shown by the corrosion on the strap. A 316 SS hose clamp could sit in your bilge indefinitely without worry. And as @Benny17441 says, ALWAYS and WITHOUT EXCEPTION, double clamp all sea water hose connections on your boat...
  11. Ralph Johnstone

    Hunter 280 named Prometheus

    Congratulations on the new purchase. Looks like you're doing everything right, right from the get go.
  12. Ralph Johnstone

    Hi, I'm from NB Canada, any of you sailors on this forum would know where to buy a complete/overall rebuilt kit for a Yanmar 2GM20 engine?

    First of all, It would have to be a Yanmar dealer as Yanmar is obsessive about territory. Secondly, never heard of an overall/rebuild kit (doesn't mean it doesn't exist). I would think you're looking at what needs replacing and then order part by part. What needs replacing ?
  13. Ralph Johnstone

    Any advice regarding bottom paint

    Certainly no need to take the bottom paint down to the gel coat. I let the velocity of the water (while under way) keep the ablative from getting too thick. Actually, can't get the bottom coat down to the gel coat as there is a barrier coat on the gel coat. Fused to the barrier coat is the...
  14. Ralph Johnstone

    Any advice regarding bottom paint

    Research, research, research. From a recognized source.
  15. Ralph Johnstone

    Galvanic Isolators - take in handluggage?

    But if they do decide to do a luggage check .................... you really got some "splainin' to do". I remember heading down to Ca. for work with a calibrated pressure gauge in my luggage. Had all the paperwork for me and the gauge with me. Went into secondary and the customs guy had...
  16. Ralph Johnstone

    Exhaust Steam

    @sail sfbay , can you please add some detail to that idea. I've always thought that unless the discharge water is 100 C. (212 F), any steam in that fast moving froth of sea water and combustion products is going to be condensed way back up the line in the blink of an eye.
  17. Ralph Johnstone

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    Any thoughts on how vacuum impacts water removal ? No chance of the water vaporizing at 10" Hg (temp. around 190 deg. F.) so what changes ?
  18. Ralph Johnstone

    Exhaust Steam

    Any chance you may be looking at blue smoke ? If it disappears quickly, it's most likely steam. If it slowly disappears, smoke. See if you can wrap your had around anything metallic after the heat EX discharge mixes with the exhaust gasses. Hot or cold ? If cool, forget it and chalk it...
  19. Ralph Johnstone

    Any advice regarding bottom paint

    @Dale Haz , if I may suggest, your first step is to sit down and learn about bottom paints. Not a steep curve but you've got a long way to go. Same as ALL THE REST OF US ! ! ! ! As already suggested, a hard paint makes no sense as far as service goes and it does not work to paint hard over...
  20. Ralph Johnstone

    Fuel Filter Replacement

    I got two nickels and a ball of lint in my right rear pocket that says the gauge is at fault. I know that after I first installed my vacuum gauge, I just HAD to close the fuel supply line to see what happened. The engine was idling and the vacuum slowly increased to about -15" Hg before the...