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  1. shnool

    New Boat!

    I was afraid of that, looking at mast step pictures. Honestly the mast shouldn't be much heavier than my S2 7.9... Can't figure out why manufactures make a trailer sailing boat, that have crane stepped masts. For the record we don't have a gin pole, and my Wavelength 24 has a keel stepped...
  2. shnool

    New Boat!

    Dumb question is the mast hinged? As in can you raise the mast yourself? Congrats on the new boat. Got any pictures?
  3. shnool

    Liability...... Good Samaritan or just a fool

    Wow lots of people saying just do it... Guess what... I've been there, not hypothetical, and of all things a friends boat no less. So I come down to the dock, winds howling... we're on a lake so howling is merely 30+ knots... still. Boat was a Catalina 25, and the spring line was either missing...
  4. shnool

    Back in the drink!

    My useless $0.02... WHAT A GORGEOUS BOAT! never let it sit again.
  5. shnool

    Times Up?

    I'm young at 45, and I have already told my daughter that if I ever get to the point I can't sail my boat... she is required to pour me into my boat at a slip near open water to the Atlantic. She is required to push me off the dock... I told her if I call her weeks later from parts unknown and...
  6. shnool

    Painting my Hull

    Soda blast, and pay a guy... it's really nasty work, and not easy to do, and protective gear is essential. $1000 seems like money well spent. I did my 25 foot Capri, and I'd have paid $1000 for someone to do that for me!
  7. shnool

    The order of things...

    Fascinating thread... and I'll state, that I've done this, now 3 times (4?)... You can infer my priorities by my work lists. My Capri 25 (1982 masthead rig racing boat, outboard). My order of "repairs" was: Bottom job (sand to gelcoat, barrier coat 5 coats, sand smooth, 5 coats VC17m)...
  8. shnool

    Very Newbie

    I had a Capri 14.2 (similar in size) and I am 6'1" and at the time was 275lbs.. the boat you have is fine... and actually you'll keep it that much more stable... but I strongly recommend you raise sails before you are away from the dock... at least until you can get the pattern down. Also get...
  9. shnool

    I am in deep trouble! Mayday!

    JD I wish you lived closer to me (I'm in PA)... I'd be tempted to offer up my pole barn so you could trailer it inside, and work on it on your schedule, but let me offer the next best thing. Post your questions on the CatalinaCapri25 forum (as was suggested earlier). Many of those sailors have...
  10. shnool

    That sinking feeling....

    Um, no (and I get the joke) its a water ballasted hunter... although methinks that wasn't the designers idea. Specifically it appears to be a Hunter 285. Actually I can't tell you the number of times I've had this exact nightmare play out in my head. You see none of my boats have had electric...
  11. shnool

    8.0 mast stepping

    I do the S2 7.9 mast myself, different animal of course... The mast step on the 7.9 is a single pivot pin, and half moon mast base (to provide a smooth pivot)... also the mast is lighter on the 7.9 I think. But that being said, your observations on needing 6:1 are spot on. I also use an...
  12. shnool

    Lake Wallenpaupack, PA

    Larry I know it's late, but YES the Paupack Sail club would LOVE to have you, and YES I'd love to have you crew with me! I sail an S2 7.9 on Wally, and was 2nd overall in 2013... 2014 I sold my boat halfway through the season, and had no boat to finish with the last 3 races, I still placed 5th...
  13. shnool

    Getting nervous

    Well, if time is an issue, there is always the "pay a guy" approach. It's big $$$, but it at least gets it fixed. I don't understand the "hopefully it's just a wet core" response. Yes, because a wet core won't be a rotted one in any time right? The mast step is one of those repairs I hope to...
  14. shnool

    Mainsheet Traveler

    On your 32 the minimum I'd recommend is a Harken Midrange traveler. Jackdaw has you covered on some of the pitfalls you must account for in placement. From pictures, I can assume your only viable option for cockpit traveler is right behind the companionway. The deck shape there looks like it...
  15. shnool

    Java Still going strong

    I think we just need a HUGE LIKE button...
  16. Look at that, new stripes are on, covering my discolored old stripe lines.

    Look at that, new stripes are on, covering my discolored old stripe lines.

  17. Closer up of the pinstripes.

    Closer up of the pinstripes.

  18. Oh pinstripes on starboard, the boat is really shaping up nicely now.

    Oh pinstripes on starboard, the boat is really shaping up nicely now.

  19. Oh yeah, used standard double braid samson xls for the pole topping lift.

    Oh yeah, used standard double braid samson xls for the pole topping lift.