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  1. JoeSailer10

    EMS Knotmeter manual needed

    Can anyone supply me with a copy of their manual for an EMS U25K or U25PL knotmeter? PDF would be great if you can scan it, if not a paper copy would be good. I would pay postage.
  2. JoeSailer10

    Outboard capacity on a Mac 22

    I think my boat is a MAC 22, but I am not sure. I read or heard somewhere that the maximum capacity of outboard motor for these boats is 10HP. Can anyone confirm or refute that? I have a beefy motor mount that looks like it would hold a 10hp outboard w/o a problem. My concern is the motor I...
  3. JoeSailer10

    Adding a spinnaker

    I would like to add a symmetrical spinnaker to my sail locker. How do I determine the size? My boat is a Mac 22. Also how do I determine the size of the spinnaker pole?
  4. JoeSailer10

    Fractonal -vs- full mast rig

    I am parting out my Venture 21 and using some of the parts on my Mac 22. The Venture mast and boom look like a better set up than those on the Mac 22 so I was thinking about switching them...until I realized the Venture was a fractional rig and the Mac a full fast rig. Aside from the Mac...
  5. JoeSailer10

    Adding Spinnaker

    I have a Venture 21 of a Mac 22, I'm not sure which yet. I do know I want to add a symmetrical spinnaker to my bag of sails. How do I determine what size to get? A follow-up question is how do I determine what size spinnaker pole I'll need.
  6. JoeSailer10

    Repairing the hull of my venture 21

    I obtained a Venture 21 that had been neglected for 5 years. When I got it home and blocked up the hull I discovered a crack 1.5 to 2 foot long (one leg of a v shape). The crack appears to go through the hull. Can I repair this well enough to restore the hull integrity or will it always be...
  7. JoeSailer10

    boom vang on traveler?

    I bought a Macgregor Venture 21 mid season last summer. It was set up with the mainsheet mid boom and a traveler at the forward end of the cockpit. It has no boom vang. With all the discussion about the importance of a boom vang in sail trim, I would like to add one. So if I add a boom van...
  8. JoeSailer10

    odd mast configuration on my Venture 21

    When raising the sail for the first time this summer (I bought the boat this year) after attaching the boom to the mast, I attempted to thread the track slides of the mainsail into the mast track and found the spread in the track was actually BELOW the boom, rather than above it. I had to...