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  1. Jim 5757

    ZF Hurth transmission slipping

    What trans do you have there???
  2. Jim 5757

    Show us your boat name!

    Previous owner... Wife's name is Mary Barbara.
  3. Jim 5757

    Dry boat!

    Wow.. and I thought it was only me!
  4. Jim 5757

    Opinions on Nicro solar vent fans?

    I spoke to a Marinco rep this past summer about this unit; I was told the rebuild kit is no longer available. To Chimera64180, the "guts" of the unit are accessed by removing the small screws around the perimeter of the solar cell, then carefully prying the solar off with a small screwdriver...
  5. Jim 5757

    Somebody told me the sailing season was over in the NE, but.....

    Flushing the fresh water system and draining the porta potty today. Hoping for one last sail on Sunday and then it's time to put the Merry to bed for the winter. Wishing all a Happy Thanksgiving!
  6. Jim 5757

    Bulging Bilge

    On our boat, a Morgan 28 OI, the outward-facing hull-to-deck joint was the main culprit... How is the deck joined to the hull on the Pearson ?
  7. Jim 5757

    Broken engine mount stud

    HA! He actually did! I cemented his hole under our porch so he's moved on...
  8. Jim 5757

    Broken engine mount stud

    OMG! Looks like it's going to be a loooong winter!
  9. Jim 5757

    Hour Meter on Volvo MD2020

    I replaced my old mechanical hour meter with an electronic one from Amazon about 15 bucks. I hooked it up to 12 volts and let it run for a few weeks until the hours closely matched to the old one. You could do the same with yours
  10. Jim 5757


    Don't bother buying any lottery tickets I just bought the winning numbers
  11. Jim 5757

    Something brewing again

    Oh great! There goes Halloween in New Jersey again
  12. Jim 5757

    fuel filter replacement

    We have the same 200fg filter and the same issue with the bleeder valve. Stinks because I still have 1/2 dozen replacement elememts.
  13. Jim 5757

    Universal diesel multiple sudden symptoms

    Hey Skipper, which model filter did you get?
  14. Jim 5757

    Flickering House Lights

    +1 to Chris' reply. Cheaper LEDs have no built-in voltage regulator and therefore react instantly to any voltage fluctuation. You'd need an oscilloscope to pick up those voltage fluctuations.
  15. Jim 5757

    Too much rust?

    One word...WOW!!!!
  16. Jim 5757


    I bet you'll be removing the prop and shaft and use a puller or cut the cutlass bearing lengthwise. It looks like the bearing is the 1st step up from the prop shaft.
  17. Jim 5757

    Transmision replacememt

    FWIW we rebuilt our Hbw50 2 years ago. Parts had to be ordered from ZF but arrived within 30 days ( winter project). With the Morgan 28 OI I had to remove the fuel tank and squash myself under the cockpit floor to gain access. Not so hard climbing in but h**l getting back out again! Full...
  18. Jim 5757

    Can anyone identify this part??

    Sure looks like the bottom part of a furler.
  19. Jim 5757

    Hurricane Florence

    Not to make light of the situation there, but during superstorm Sandy most boats that got pulled out before the storm floated off their jack stands and were severely damaged or destroyed completely. the few of us that kept our boats in the water weathered the storm nicely. Fortunately, the...
  20. Jim 5757

    Hurricane Mathew put my boat on the hard.. What do I do?

    End80, are you ready to get your boat back? Looks like you'll be floating soon!!!