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  1. DHaranSailor

    Let’s build a Sailors Music Playlist...

    Been watching as well. Enjoying it so far.
  2. DHaranSailor

    Let’s build a Sailors Music Playlist...

    My picks' Barrett's Privateers Bluenose Northwest Passage And a fun one; The Woodbridge Dog Disaster
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    I just love sailing t-shirts

    This is on my favorite sailing shirt.
  4. DHaranSailor

    How not to trailer a sailboat

    That one hurts to look at.
  5. DHaranSailor

    O'Day 322 drone footage

    Very nice! Love it.
  6. DHaranSailor

    State of California to charge “Air Tax”

    Being California I almost bought it for a minute.
  7. DHaranSailor

    Rescued 9 times in 7 months ?

    Totally agreed ifmdalvey. I feel bad for such a beautiful boat that it fell into those nitwit's hands. At least one of them was shamed into going home.
  8. DHaranSailor

    All is Analyzed

    Followed that one quite a bit. Why I shared this.
  9. DHaranSailor

    All is Analyzed

    Anyone seen this yet? Looks like they are turning All is Lost into a example of what not to do. Interesting and thought provoking.
  10. DHaranSailor

    Rescued 9 times in 7 months ?

    Embarrassing for her to end up in their hands. Beautiful vessel.
  11. DHaranSailor

    Rescued 9 times in 7 months ?

    Hey! Robert Redford's character from "All is Lost" finally has some equivalent skill level sailors to pal around with.
  12. DHaranSailor

    Rescued 9 times in 7 months ?

    People like this in any hobby, sport, or activity drive me up a wall with their ignorance and disregard for the larger group of people they affect. It isn't even partially amusing and just embarrassing and aggravating.
  13. DHaranSailor

    New (to me) 1975 ODay 22

    I attached a simple diagram that I drew up for someone else about how to set up a gin pole and raise your mast with it. Let me know if you have questions. I built mine for about $50 or so. Most expensive thing was the winch. Make sure you get a reverse ratcheting one for un-stepping the...
  14. DHaranSailor

    New (to me) 1975 ODay 22

    I'm with the gin pole method. That is how I stepped my O'Day 22. I didn't do any updates but the guy before me put on a CDI roller furling system (which is available if you're interested) which is fantastic. He updated the cushions with memory foam that made going below for a rest really nice...
  15. DHaranSailor

    Geneva & Seneca Lake sailing

    Can't speak for the sailing aspect as I have never sailed but my grandparents lived on Keuka for 30+ years. I love the area and hope to go back one day. I have spent a lot of time power boating on that lake and the scenery never gets old if you ask me. From Keuka like sesmith said Ontario...
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    Looks really good.
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    Happy New Year!

    Happy New Year!
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    How much ablative paint for an Oday 22

    When I did my O'Day 22 I used just over half a gallon to do the bottom and rudder.
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    Happy Thanksgiving, SBO Family!

    Happy Thanks Giving Scott! And to everyone else in the SBO family.
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    Officially mine!