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  1. Dave Groshong

    Calling all Lewmar port owners!

    We've had quite a few complaints about Lewmar port replacement gasket in the past 6 months, both Old Standard and New Standard ports. Lewmar says there have been no changes, but there sure seems to be something going on. Has anyone had any recent success or failure in replacing their port...
  2. Dave Groshong

    Capital Yachts

    Does anyone happen to know who built the spars for Capital Yachts? In particular a 1995 Newport.
  3. Dave Groshong

    Hunter 356 mainsheet traveler

    Calling for help please, can a h356 owner send me a picture of the arch mounted mainsheet traveler? Is the track high beam or low? Length of track? Thanks a million in advance.
  4. Dave Groshong

    Quick Release Wheel Nut

    Any B361 owners out there that can tell me what brand of pedestal you have? Lewmar? Edson wheel nuts come in 2 thread sizes, Lewmar has just one size.
  5. Dave Groshong

    Pearson 27 porthole

    Does anybody know the manufacturer of this combination fixed and opening port on a 1987 Pearson 27? Happy 4th of July everyone!
  6. Dave Groshong

    1989 Pearson 27 ports

    Can anyone help one of my customers identify the brand of port on a 1989 Pearson 27? I've never seen them before, they have a sliding component. Please reply to: Thanks!
  7. Dave Groshong

    Hunter 376 windlass install

    Any H376 owners out there willing to share pictures, experience with installation of a windlass?
  8. Dave Groshong

    Hey Charlie Cobra

    Was there any interest in a Liberty Bay, Poulsbo, or other closer to Seattle rendezvous this summer?
  9. Dave Groshong

    Catalina 28 mkII, spinnaker sheet winch placement

    Does anyone have any recommendation for placement of spinnaker sheet winches on this boat? Also, placement of spinnaker sheet turning blocks?
  10. Dave Groshong

    Hey Ross

    I've got the MSDS for the anti-bond product. Unfortunately it's a fax copy and a little hard to read, I don't think it will scan very well. Give me a call, toll free 877-932-7245 ext.116, Mon-Fri, 9-5 Pacific, that goes for anyone interested. Dave Groshong Customer Service
  11. Dave Groshong

    mark I or 2

    Does anyone know if a 1982 compac 16 is a Mark I or II? Does the 1982 have spreaders, or not? Thanks.