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  1. kloudie1

    Best of Luck

    Hoping that the storm does not make too much of a mess for you folks up in the northeast.. Get all the canvass off, tie up very securely (on hard or in the water) Good Luck .. stay safe..
  2. kloudie1

    Low East Of Corpus Christi?

    I don't hear any discussion about the low in the gulf east and south of CC Tx.? may be just upper, but it looks to be developing. No chance to be anything bad, but looks interesting. Comments? animate.png (1200×875) (
  3. kloudie1

    H-34 Fixed Ports Rebuilt

    Shamelessly copied Allan's idea to replace the old embrittled fixed ports on the cabin side. First got new 1/4" plexiglass cut to cover both openings then primed the bond area with 3M 94 Primer then applied a 1" wide strip of black 3M VHB .. Took off old frames and glass and cleaned and sanded...
  4. kloudie1

    Harbor Rebuild at Mandeville

    The city just rebuilt the dock at the harbor on Bayou Castine on the north shore of Lake Pontchartrain. Nice dock within walking distance of a few good restaurants on the lakefront. 30 ampere power and water but no pump out.
  5. kloudie1

    Cristobal Wind Info

    Mid Lake Pontchartrain web cams .. always interesting to see the waves and check out the wind speed as a storm goes by. Wind speed is not by standard measure. Because the sensor is pretty high over the water (around 70 feet, irrc) the speeds measured are a bit higher than "official" speed...
  6. kloudie1

    Docking Mishap

  7. kloudie1

    New Head Hoses

    Just finished changing all the stinky hoses in the head/holding tank system on my H 34.. Bit the bullet and used the SantiFlex. The hose was easy to work with and smells MUCH better than the 30 year old hose that it replaced. Kind of a bugger to cut because of the two stainless wires inside, but...
  8. kloudie1

    New Stereo Box

    Old stereo went "poof" after 22 years.. It had always just been sitting in the little tray.. Decided to have the new Alpine look a little better ..
  9. kloudie1

    Interresting Technology Watermaker

    Anyone following this development? Looks like a great alternative to RO de-salinators if it can work by generating water from the humidity in the air.. Uses only a small fan and some UV to sterilize the water.. Cast is about $1000 today, which, if it works with such low energy, would be great...
  10. kloudie1

    Nautical Eye Candy

    This was recently launched by a childhood friend from back in the day.. He's obviously done well for himself! I love the classic lines of the long stern overhang.. Quite a long way from our excursions to Cat Island (Mississippi Coast) with his old wooden Lightning...
  11. kloudie1

    Lithium Battery Installation Video

    Saw this today and thought it was a good article on lithium batteries to replace lead acids. Understand that these are very expensive and probably not really economically justifiable except for full time cruisers..
  12. kloudie1

    Sad Note

    If ya go swimming to avoid the heat, keep a safety line close by! MOB with a bad ending..
  13. kloudie1

    Dreams Submerged

    Feel sorry for these folks but they got out alive.. :
  14. kloudie1

    Anyone Hear from Claude Auger Lately?

    Haven't seen any posts from Claude Auger in a while.. Was wondering if anyone has heard from my friend and fellow H-34 owner? Coincidence that our first names are the same, we both own H-34's, and we are both Mech Engineers.. He's sailed his 34 extensively .. Canada to Bahamas and back.. and...
  15. kloudie1

    Time To Move South

    Not often in South Louisiana .. Last one was 7 years ago.. Won't be here overnight, but it is pretty to look at while it lasts.. I'd have loved to get a picture of the boat in the snow but lots of closed bridges between here and there.. On the middle of Lake Pontchartrain this morning, it was...
  16. kloudie1

    Buffett's new Boat.. (Jimmy, not Warren)

    Saw this .. interesting boat.. looks comfortable..'s-new-boat-is-a-surfari-44.html
  17. kloudie1

    Playing With Drone

    Was out playing with a friend's drone and noted how neat these things are for looking at things .. Was inspecting the masthead and noted how nice our marina looked.. Lake Pontchartrain on the horizon, New Orleans some 24 miles to the left of center. You can see the big trees that give us a...
  18. kloudie1

    Uploaded old original Yanmar QM series Operation Manual

    Came across an old (1978) Operation Manual for the Yanmar 2QM20 and 3QM30. The oil information is outdated, but has some tidbits about the engine. It was included in the original delivery package of my buddy's Hunter Cherubini 33, but the engine series was used on many other boats.. The file was...
  19. kloudie1

    Pensacola To Havana Race

    Wish I could be with this gang.. there is a (near) real time tracker on the page..
  20. kloudie1

    Opened Hidden Bilge in H-34

    As others have noted, I opened the false bilge bottom to get at the trapped water between the hull and liner. It was not as bad as I had imagined.. the water was very acrid smelling and rusted tools within 5 minutes, so I don't know or want to know what it was. Got it flushed out and lowered the...