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    For my favorite programmers

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    A windlass near accident that happened to another sailor

    Friends of mine had a very nice boat. Well maintained and a real beaut. Not giving the brand because I think it's irrelevant and I don't know the brand of the windlass. Anyway, they dropped anchor and set it and then got into their dinghy to visit friends downwind of their boat. After a short...
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    US Coast Guard Shallow Water Aids to Navigation Survey

    So the USCG is asking for input for interested parties for Shallow Water (<12feet) Aids TO Navigation. And I believe this forum is a great place for input.
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    All you Republic trash may think that Star Wars day is coming but......

    Today is the Empire's day!! The mighty 501st will dominate you!!!! :kick:
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    Will someone please call Mother Nature?

    And tell her the Atlantic Hurricane Season is officially over!
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    I ran across an interesting website while doing "research". with a tag line of "Hurricanes without the hype" One of their forums had "Hurrisheet - Intensity and Surge Estimations from Pressure The...
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    Kermit, We thought we knew you.

    But there seems to be a dark side to the frog. Just got back from a week in Bandera, Texas. Ran across Animal and Cookie Monster but no photos of them. Sorry.
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    Went sailing on Galveston Bay Friday night on someone else's boat.

    Connie and I are in Houston dogsitting for my middle stepson. I got invited to crew on Firewater (a 38 foot C&C?) on the Friday night rum race on Galveston Bay. The weather was real iffy because the storm over the north end of the bay kept building up and backing down the bay. We headed out to...
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    I'm getting banned but what the hey....

    Kermie, did you forget Miss Piggy's birthday? My Admiral thought this was appropriate for forgetting a birthday. But heaven help you if you REMEMBER it and remind her how old she's getting.
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    Just want to say "Thanks, Maine Sail"

    Your articles on using solar panels to keep the batteries topped off have helped me extend the life of my sailboat batteries. And now that the Admiral and I have built an off grid storage shed, the lessons learned here are being used on a much larger system and more expensive system. And I...
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    I just need to rant!!! no need to read this thread.

    I've got two sets of non-sailing friends who are up to their necks in health problems. I can't help them because they are personal problems but I'm so frustrated with their situations. Friends #1: He was told his cholesterol was too high and needed a better diet to work it down. So as a...
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    So what happens in 6 years?

    So I'm on a few nautical mailing lists and sometimes I see things that make you go "Huh?" Case in point: KillFouling is a permanent antifouling. YAY!! Great!!! Lifetime 6 years? What? 6 years is a lifetime? Does your bottom fall off after 6 years...
  13. WayneH

    Galveston Bay Matagorda Bay Oil Spill Response Website

    For those who have been or are about to be impacted.... My boat is steadily building up slip fees waiting to go home.
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    8 year old Bombard AX-3 inflatable dinghy

    8 year old Bombard AX-3 inflatable dinghy (gone) The good news: The tubes hold air for weeks at a time. Paddles are good. The cover is still intact but pretty faded. The bad news: The floor seams have come unglued from the tubes. We used Tear-Aid vinyl repair type B tape on the outside seams...
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    Are you killing your diesel engine?

    I have been. While I was in Florida, I read an article in a boating magazine that discussed diesel engine loads, wet stacking and cylinder washdown. The article states that most cruising sailors are ruining their diesels because we try so hard to stretch each gallon we consume. (GUILTY as...
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    I saw this video... Northern sailors, take note.

    YOU HAVE NO EXCUSE FOR NOT SAILING ANYMORE. Personally, I think these guys need to have their medicines re-evaluated. They are either off their meds or the meds are no longer effective.
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    Don't know what's wrong, just that I'm having issues...

    With the chandlery. On my work computer which keeps a black hole under the case sucking in information and air and giving nothing back. Two things I've run across so far. Which I hope are related to the new store programming. 1) When you're shopping and you view an item, clicking the BACK...