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  1. weinie

    How come Beneteau killed the First 35 line?

  2. weinie

    Balmar Smart Gauge and my AGMs.

    Boat originally had 3 identical lead acid batteries (2 house, 1 start). I replaced them over last winter with 3 exide AGMs and reconfigured the smart gauge for AGM mode but I allowed it to 'learn' the capacity of the banks rather than just charge them full and set the gauge to 100%. After a...
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    Sailing videos that make you smile

    Came across this gem the other day. Make sure you watch until the end. Post your favorite. (No vagabonds/delos videos allowed).
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    Adrift... Official Trailer

  5. weinie

    50% off bulk rope at WM today.

    That is all. Carry on.
  6. weinie

    Anyone have any experience with these lithium batteries?
  7. weinie

    There's wind, and I'm not sailing.

    Don't you hate the feeling you get when you make a bad call to NOT go sailing sometimes? Sometimes it's because you thought there would be no wind or maybe because the weather report said chance of thunderstorms. My boat is a good forty minutes from my house so, if I want to reverse my...
  8. weinie

    Tacking is a pain in the a$$!

    I've decided that from now on, I'm just going to sail on starboard tack. Now the only way I'm gonna spill my martini is if some sixty-five foot sport fishing boat gets all up in my face.
  9. weinie

    Best way to clean up dried fish guts and blood?

    Well, a local osprey has apparently decided that my boat is the best seat in the house and has decided to take all his meals there leaving a mess of dried blood and guts all over my cockpit. Well, I've taken defensive matters, establishing a perimeter of pennant flags. The next step will be to...
  10. weinie

    OK, whose is this?

  11. weinie

    Odd sized battery conundrum

    My boat came from factory with three odd sized batteries. The batteries are Exide ER350 model and apparently they fall under the Group D26 category. They are each 80Ah "dual purpose" batteries with 2 in parallel for the house bank and 1 for the starter. They are arranged in a plywood framed...
  12. weinie

    Need to fold a large sail by yourself? x 2 You're welcome!
  13. weinie

    How do i determine what size rivets?

    Need to replace a mast cleat that was previously riveted into the mast. How do I determine what size rivets to replace it with? Or should I just tap and use machine screws?
  14. weinie

    Another solar question...

    New Jeanneau comes with the following setup. 2x80AH house batteries 1x80AH engine battery The alternator is connected to a Cristec battery isolator. This is a MOSFET isolator (as opposed to a diode one) and the voltage drop is negligible at less 10 amps according to the literature...
  15. weinie

    Pocket jump starter - anyone have any experience with these? Looks like it might be pretty convenient to keep handy. POWERALL 12V 600 Amp Jump Starting City Transit Bus
  16. weinie

    Learn me about mooring lines!

    (Reposted as requested) Maine, I will be leaving the dock and mooring for the first time next season with a new to me 35 foot boat. I have read several of your posts and articles on the subject on various sites regarding mooring pendants along with other articles on the subject. My...
  17. weinie

    High Voltage AC/DC Effect on Human Body Funny and yet interesting at the same time.
  18. weinie

    Damprid --- Does it work?

    I've put it in my cabin over the winter for the last few years. It's always hard as a rock in the spring so I guess it absorbs some moisture. But does it really make a difference?