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  1. WayneH

    Its funny Friday!

    NO!!! You can't have the Texas Legislature. How else are we going to be the village idiots?
  2. WayneH


    Check the price of a Wifi option and a tablet for a second display. The only drawback I have is not being able to adjust the autopilot from the tablet. But then again, I'd hate to have someone come by and accidentally adjust my course into a tanker! And my personal experience with Garmin is I...
  3. WayneH

    Zipper maintenance

    We use the stick lubricant on our boat. Something else to do with your double ended zippers like on the dodger opening is to park them in different locations every time you use them. A little to port, a little to starboard, back to center and repeat. I forgot to put some on my bottle koozie and...
  4. WayneH

    Jib Sail Trim Controls

    This is how I adjust my fairleads on my 37 footer. Sometimes. Sometimes, there's enough pressure on the jib sheet to prevent a walkdown. So I am going to get some low friction rings and use them on a barber hauler to the daisy sail track and use the daisy winches to lower the jib clew. Then I...
  5. WayneH

    Exhaust Steam

    White smoke can also be from an improperly timed injection pump. I had my injection pump overhauled and I reinstalled it to the scribe marks I made before removing it. My Westerbeast 50 started right up but was smoking on start up and would not go away. Mechanic said the timing was off so we...
  6. WayneH

    Its funny Friday!

    Brain bleach!!!!! Please, more brain bleach!!!
  7. WayneH

    Why is there a foot of water in the cabin?

    One of my dock neighbor's powerboat had a water hose lined up to his boat. The pressure reducer did not fail, the hose fitting on the boat end did. The stern of the boat was down about 6 inches before anyone noticed. The hose was in the cockpit and usually wouldn't have been a problem but the...
  8. WayneH

    Marine Diesel vs Automotive Diesel

    The best diesel can I ever bought was from a company that went out of business because they were sued by an idiot (or his wife) when he got burned pouring gasoline out of one of their jugs ONTO A LIT FIRE!!! Evidently, that warning was not on the side of the jug. Anyway, he got a jury of his...
  9. WayneH

    Battery Gremlin

    I had a weird thing happen with my negative cable. Starter battery wouldn't turn over the engine. Switch to the house bank and no problem. Volt meter on the engine battery posts reads 13V. WTH? Then I had a itch and accidentally slid the negative probe into the tiny crack between the battery...
  10. WayneH

    Funny Friday!!!

    An OLDIE but a GOODIE!! Tools Explained: DRILL PRESS: A tall upright machine useful for suddenly snatching flat metal bar stock out of your hands so that it smacks you in the chest and flings your beer across the room, denting the freshly-painted project which you had carefully set in the...
  11. WayneH

    Funny Friday!!!

    I've heard this story quite a few times but this is the first time I've seen proof! :yikes::yikes:
  12. WayneH

    Funny Friday!!!

    On my motorcycle BB, one of the guys had a welcome picture with a young lady on it. My wife as a member of the group was the first one to notice that she had no belly button. So, how much else was airbrushed out or in to make her perfect?
  13. WayneH

    Tartan holding tank

    On my '80 Tartan 372, the holding tank is under the port side of the V-berth. I replaced my tank with a B500 from MarineSan about 5 years ago.
  14. WayneH

    So we did it...

    YAY!!! When it looked like we were going to lose our 372, the Admiral started looking for a replacement and kept coming back to Tartans. And she only sails because I love it.
  15. WayneH

    Fear of sailing at night?

    Mike, You have probably heard one. I know there is a howler platform east of San Leon in Galveston Bay. IIRC, it is closer to April Fool Point. I could hear it while running up the Houston Ship Channel heading to Kemah. It was lit up with yellow flashing lights but visibility was dropping and...
  16. WayneH

    Fear of sailing at night?

    I enjoy night sailing but the Admiral is terrified of it. "We're gonna hit something and sink." Nah. We're gonna get hit by a dark ship. LOL One of my very first overnights was during a Harvest Moon Regatta. The owner put me on the tiller, in a race at night during a norther with the spinnaker...
  17. WayneH

    For my favorite programmers

  18. WayneH

    Wednesday is Photo Day - 2021

    Wednesday photo day seems to be mostly eye candy. SO I propose to post something a bit different. EYE SORE! The admiral and I are no longer upset that the boat got hurt. We are fixing things that needed fixing. Like the 40 year old 12V system. Started life with 16 breakers and a lot of suitcase...
  19. WayneH

    What do you use for fire extingushers??

    Have you seen this? NOT USCG approved but.... Uses the same chemical found in dry fire extinguishers. Only available at worst marine at this time.
  20. WayneH

    A windlass near accident that happened to another sailor

    Friends of mine had a very nice boat. Well maintained and a real beaut. Not giving the brand because I think it's irrelevant and I don't know the brand of the windlass. Anyway, they dropped anchor and set it and then got into their dinghy to visit friends downwind of their boat. After a short...