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    Can anyone Id this?

    Most boom vang straps I've seen have a nice wide part that goes over much more of the boom to spread the load. I believe that is a part of a harness.
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    Looking at a boat...that sank!

    It is my understanding that once a boat has been declared a total loss, it goes into an insurance company data base and becomes nearly impossible to get hull insurance on.
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    Filler material for teak

    When I've needed to repair wood, especially wood I want to varnish, I find a wood shop and get a coffee can of the correct color of saw dust. I then mix the saw dust with polyester resin and do the repair. Often it isn't noticeable unless one is looking carefully, and of course you will notice...
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    The Greatest Sailor I Have Known

    Your wonderful post made me wish I had met your dad. I'm sure I could have learned a lot from him. It sounds like he left without any regrets for the things he didn't do. My heart goes out to you and your family.
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    Seventeen Years and Out!

    We are between boats now and I hate it. Couch surfing. Nice enough places, nice enough people, but when I go outside all I can see are little patches of sky. Last night it was near 23:00 before I could see the moon. It wasn't cloudy, nor are we in a big city, but there are trees everywhere we...
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    5200 or West Epoxy

    For a few bucks you can buy a molded plastic battery box to fit each battery and secure it to the boat with it's strap. I think that would be infinitely superior to a home made box, and probably much cheaper.
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    Reef lines jam in blocks when reefing

    Perhaps two swivel blocks could replace the double block there now and improve things?
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    Reef lines jam in blocks when reefing

    I believe your problem stems from the lines not leading in at the proper angle. You want a fair lead into the block so the line stays on the sheive at all times.
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    Sailboat Conversion to Trawler

    Since you are into wooden boats, retired Northern Trollers are for sale at extremely reasonable prices on the West Coast. These are very economical vessels (not designed to pull nets) and excellent sea boats in unkind weather. Turning a sailboat into a motor boat seems a no win proposition to...
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    Looking for a good paint stripper

    Heat gun and elbow grease.
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    Surveys are a waste of money

    I completely disagree. I had my own survey company in St. T. back in the early '80s. As far as checking out a boat, its systems, rig and engines, there's not too much I do not know (sorry, that sounds like I'm blowing my own horn). But I would never accept my own survey of a boat I'm interested...
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    I don't really think it is all that new. Captain Hazelwood of the Exxon Valdez was tried, convicted and sentenced by the press and public for an incident for which he was not at fault. However, as Captain he was the responsible party. As usual, when government entities are at fault there is...
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    That video was very unsettling. Let's just forget about the idiots who put themselves in that position and imagine what's happening on the bridge of the ship. None of us go to sea with the intention (I'm not too sure about quartermasters, though) of killing folks out having a nice day on the...
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    Whew... that's a relief.
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    If memory serves, the inside of the bend should have less current. Honestly, it has been a long time, but I've been up & down the Amazon and the Orinoco rivers. Also made one trip down the mighty Miss from the Illinois River to NO.
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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    "Stupid is as stupid does."
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    How's Your Bottom Doing These Days ?

    Finally, I'm not getting any growth at all on the bottom of our boat. I guess that's because she's high and dry, in storage. She wouldn't be, but I can't find a summer slip I can afford around here. lol I've either tried or talked to folks who have used every antifouling paint available these...
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    New guy on the ocean worries / horrible radio comms!?!?!?

    The very first thing someone like you, moving from inland rules to international, is that under the international rules nobody has the "right of way". That term can no longer be found in the IRR. As for radio chatter, I'm not quite sure how you can expect the ignorant and uneducated to be...
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    We haven't been to see the boat yet, but as Henri was the storm that wasn't, I'm not all that concerned. I'm not sure if the NHC has changed the guidelines we had back when I worked with them, but a few more like Henri, with all the hype and hoopla for naught, and a whole lotta folks are going...
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    ***Update. We got to the boat and the highest wind speed it recorded was 59.8 knots. I sneeze faster than that! lol Well, wouldn't you know it? We made the decision to bring Skipping Stone up from Carriacou because the hurricane season was swiftly approaching. Boating things being what they are...