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  1. MrBill_FLL

    Active Captain bought by Garmin

    fyi. Garmin Ltd. said today that it acquired Active Corp., the developer of crowdsourcing boating platform ActiveCaptain. ActiveCaptain is a community-based, electronic marine database that contains near...
  2. MrBill_FLL

    Rosewood - rest of story

    Seems we locked our thread that started all of this. I just saw it on SA, and it pointed back to SBO.... Anyway, interesting tale of caution to buyers of boats and boat brokers.... if you missed it.... WOW...
  3. MrBill_FLL

    Need ideas on replacing club's jon boat transom

    HELP! our sailing clubs large jon boat transom was rotted, and I removed the wood last weekend. Now I need ideas on how to replace the transom! *We don't think this boat can be welded, due to age, and aluminum corrosion. -so we have not removed any of the rivets, as we don't think they can be...
  4. MrBill_FLL

    Waterway guide / Explorer VS Active Captain

    FWIW I was passed a link on waterway guide, and noticed the waterway Explorer (like active captain) looks more up-to-date than active captain... (missing markers, extinguished lights, etc)...
  5. MrBill_FLL

    General opinion of Nesting dingy's?

    Starting a new thread... I've though of building one of these stitch and glue boats. the nesting types seem like a great alternative when storage is limited... so, What are your opinions of the nesting dingy's? (2 hard sections connected mechanically ) examples...
  6. MrBill_FLL

    Florida Anchoring (Senate Bill 1548 we need YOUR help)

    posted from our local sailing club email blast. re: Senate Bill 1548 During our general meeting last night, we discussed the Senate Bill 1548 and its impact on anchoring. The specific clause is as follows: An owner, operator, or person in charge of a vessel may not anchor or moor a...
  7. MrBill_FLL

    a Macgregor goes to Honduras

    another Macgregor in Central America... kinda surprised the mast was left up for shipping....
  8. MrBill_FLL

    Sold the boat

    Well, I sold it today at lunch. My 26d will be heading to Honduras, by cargo ship. Mixed feelings on selling, but just wasn't using it enough to justify keeping her. I will give the new owner a link to this site, and hopefully he will learn as much as I have from the other owners here.
  9. MrBill_FLL

    Parts boat - Farmingdale, NJ 26s

    no affiliation, yard is closing end of month... no trl. Who was looking for a mast?
  10. MrBill_FLL

    cross post - flir one - iphone 5 add on

    no affiliation.
  11. MrBill_FLL

    FLIR one - iphone5 add on (thermal imaging)

    I saw this on another board and thought I'd post it here. not all the capabilities of the $2k model, but at $350, could be more affordable. I can see this being really handy... should be out in the spring..
  12. MrBill_FLL

    AFRICA - Gary Jobson

    I was at our sailing club meeting last night, where we had Gary Jobson speak. he related a story of him sailing on an Old Friends new sailbaot... He had his daughter, Son in law and his son aboard. So, Gary asked the owner about the name of his new boat. AFRICA. The owner said...
  13. MrBill_FLL

    Rivera Beach Houseboat - Fran Lozman wins again

    ran a search but no hits on Lozman... surely this was posted before.... anyway, he won in state appeals court. Two months after the U.S. Supreme Court handed Fane Lozman a huge victory in his...
  14. MrBill_FLL

    OT, FtL KeyWest race -tracking recap

    we ended up 4th in class, :( by a little over 5 min, corrected... :doh: but if anyone in interested here is a tracking replay. (SPOT tracker) I was on Vendaval -(in grey), one of the smaller boats in the fleet. we lost it near marathon, and the final few hours in the key west...
  15. MrBill_FLL

    galley box - cross link

    nice for small boats:
  16. MrBill_FLL

    Which model is this boat?

    is this a V222 or a V23 as listed? hey M&C: too bad the fuel would be half the value of the boat... :cry:
  17. MrBill_FLL

    OT: advise from an old sailor

    ok, maybe more quotes than anything... Being hove to in a long gale is the most boring way of being terrified I got nobody tellin me what to do, where to go or how to do it, that’s what I like about fishin' You cannot fight the water, you’ve gotta learn how to live with it If you haven't...
  18. MrBill_FLL

    florida boats over 30 yrs old?

    any boats over 1982 or older? you can get your FLA registration for 6.50 as an antique. A. Powered by its original type power plant B. Used for non-commercial purposes C. Vessel must be at least 30 years old
  19. MrBill_FLL

    any florida boats over 30 yrs old? (1982)

    if you have original power, and its over 30years old, you can get your fla registration for 6.50. see link:
  20. MrBill_FLL

    School me on centerboard access bolts (26s)

    I have a friend that's boat is leaking. not sure from where yet, but we think its coming from the centerboard bolts. my limited knowledge on the S was there were 2 versions. one accessed the pivot bolt from the outside bottom of the boat. and another that had plates covering the nuts and...