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  1. Cowpokee

    Winter Sailing

    So I went down to the marina this afternoon to pressure wash off the boat since the forecast was for light winds with temperature in the mid 60's. After the third time of the spray getting blown back into my face, I realized that the wind was a little more than light. Once again I put off...
  2. Cowpokee

    Why is my sail coming apart?

    So I went out for a midwinter sail the other day. Since the wind was forecasted to be light, I shook out the reef from the previous sail. (I frequently leave a reef in because the boat seams to balance much easier with the first reef in the main.) Upon close inspection, I noticed the sail...
  3. Cowpokee

    Still Learning about Flying the Spinnaker

    When planning out our three day weekend, my wife asked about the possibility of sailing. I despondently responded that the wind was going to be light all three days. She mentioned that it had been awhile since she had sailed with me so I got to thinking, since the wind was forecasted to be...
  4. Cowpokee

    Middle Keys Charter

    In two weeks we (my wife and I) will be chartering a boat in the Florida keys. We will be aboard a Beneteau Oceanis 373 for three days and two nights. We are currently looking over the charts, planning our itinerary. This will be a multi-purpose trip for us: Allow Kim the opportunity to...
  5. Cowpokee

    West marine 40% off rope. Today only!

    West Marine We were founded in the rope business and today we deliver the highest quality rope you can depend on at sea. Today only, take 40% Off Bulk Rope, Shock Cord and Webbing
  6. Cowpokee

    Nothing Exciting

    Nothing exciting happened yesterday. I went down to the boat to work on the head replacement that I had started over a month ago. As I arrived at the lake I noticed a slight breeze blowing. Since the temperature was in the mid 50's I thought why not take her out for an hour or so before I...
  7. Cowpokee

    Flag Etiquette

    Since our president has ordered flags to fly at half staff for 30 days, I intend to get out for a sail before the time period ends. Now my question is how do I properly fly the ensign on my boat? The flagstaff which is usually inserted into the mount on the stern has no provision for half...
  8. Cowpokee

    Furling line marking

    After switching from my previous boat that had hanked on headsails to my current boat with a 150% furling headsail, I frequently get it pulled out too far when initially setting up for higher winds. This got me to thinking about marking the furling line with markers at something like 85%, 100%...
  9. Cowpokee

    Rigging a springline

    Reading another post that digressed to springline use got me to thinking. Even though it wouldn't be needed very often at my current slip, getting familiar with how to use one now could come in handy for when I got into a situation where I would have to use one. Our marina is well protected...
  10. Cowpokee

    Unintended Benifits

    One advantage of managing a construction crew is when it rains, they don't work So after the rain passes; post frontal sailing can be quite exhilarating
  11. Cowpokee

    Head Issue Discovered

    Decades ago, the PO had installed speakers on the forward bulkhead by cutting 4” X 6” holes. When I got around to replacing them, I discovered the reason my recently replaced head wasn’t functioning properly. I am trying to figure out the best way to get access to the fitting. The distance...
  12. Cowpokee

    Another full moon sail

    Finally all of the necessary requirements lined up for a fantastic evening. 1. Full moon 2 Weekend 3. Favorable winds 4. No prior commitments RESULT:
  13. Cowpokee

    26S Centerboard uphaul

    I managed to pull the cable with the bolt still attached out through the back of my centerboard. The boat has been out of the water for over a year. Can I just cram the cable back through the separation, fill the split with epoxy and clamp it together until it dries? What I am wondering is if...
  14. Cowpokee

    Barge traffic

    What is the proper etiquette while sailing in the vinicity of barge traffic? Yesterday I went out for a late afternoon sail hoping to catch the evening breeze for a moonlight sail. As you can see in the pic, the wind was very light although I was still making slightly greater than one knot while...
  15. Cowpokee

    Centerboard repairs

    Awhile back I completely tore off the SS cable for raising the centerboard. I had temproarily tied some cord into the hole to get me by since I rarely removed the boat from the water. Now that the boat is out of the water, it is time to fix it correctly. When I raised the boat up off the...
  16. Cowpokee

    Great Day Sailing

    Saturday wind was forecast to be light (5 – 8 knots from the NW) and temps in the mid 60’s so I was thinking it might be a good day to get out and practice using the spinnaker. I have several mods in progress so if the wind ending up being too light, a back up plan was to try and finish several...
  17. Cowpokee

    The Plight of the Poor Man

    OK, I stayed away from comments on another’s post when the discussion veered to posting full sized pics vs thumbnails. When I first started posting on this forum, not understanding the issue, I was so proud of my picture taking ability that I wanted everyone to see the full effect of the pic so...
  18. Cowpokee

    Disaster Strikes; Mayhem ensues

    I went out the other day for a single handed sail to get accustomed to dealing with higher winds. When my sail slugs failed due to UV fatigue, I tried to handle the situation with out panic. My intent is to learn from my mistakes so I will be better prepared when I get started on my blue water...
  19. Cowpokee

    Winter Sailing II

    Determined to get in a sail
  20. Cowpokee

    Winter Sailing

    New take of those that are determined! Don't look too is photoshopped.