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  1. JoeSailer10

    Possible new owner 33 Ranger

    There is an active Ranger owners group on facebook, But the other Ranger owners website I knew of, I think is now defunct due to the website administrator moving on to a different boat and no one else willing to pick up the slack. Since I was trying to sell my Ranger 26 at the time, I did not...
  2. GEDC3163


    Hatch slide bottom, end detail
  3. GEDC3162


    Hatch slide bottom, end detail
  4. GEDC3161


    Hatch slides, bottom face
  5. GEDC3160


    Hatch slide end detail
  6. GEDC3159


    Hatch slide end detail
  7. GEDC3157


    Companionway hatch slides, vertical
  8. GEDC3167


    Companionway hatch, Inside face
  9. GEDC3167


  10. GEDC3165


    Companionway hatch, inside face
  11. JoeSailer10

    Wintering in Plymouth, pondering maintenance.

    Wintering in Plymouth, pondering maintenance.
  12. JoeSailer10

    water under the engine

    Could you rig a low profile bilge pump that pumps into a holding tank or covered 5 gallon bucket?
  13. JoeSailer10

    EMS Knotmeter manual needed

    Thank you sir! Worked, just what I needed!
  14. JoeSailer10

    EMS Knotmeter manual needed

    Can anyone supply me with a copy of their manual for an EMS U25K or U25PL knotmeter? PDF would be great if you can scan it, if not a paper copy would be good. I would pay postage.
  15. JoeSailer10

    Moorage/Storage for ranger 20

    Sorry, I can't help with this, I am on Lake Michigan/Muskegon Lake with my R26 and one other R26 with the same hull color and at the same marina. Any other Ranger 26's nearby?
  16. JoeSailer10

    Is my mainsail really helping?

    Not VGR but VMG.
  17. JoeSailer10

    Is my mainsail really helping?

    OK, the acronyms are killing me COE, CLR and what was the first one VGR? Someone want to elaborate?
  18. JoeSailer10

    Need help trouble shooting and identifying my roller furler

    I don't know the brand but there should be an adjustment, under the drum perhaps? It will allow you to adjust out the slack you are describing and once it is snugged up, the shuttle should go all the way up.
  19. JoeSailer10

    Electrical Shock Drowning (ESD) & Fresh Water

    Roland5048, agreed, I'm going to print out several copies, posting one in the public area, giving one to the youth that man the marina office and asking them to post it inside, where all the workers will see it and understand why they have the no swimming policy. Maybe then, they won't be too...
  20. 0829151722-00


    Not as pretty as Teak