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  1. David in Sandusky

    Good anchorages and seafood on Chesapeake Bay

    We are board a chartered Catalina 35.5 with another couple in Rock Hall, MD next Friday. We hope to find a great restaurant for local seafood, and quiet anchorages. what do you recommend? (We will spend one night in Annapolis visiting friends.)
  2. David in Sandusky

    Splashing Monday

    We are loading the car with all the stuff we store at home through the winter so we will be ready to load Lady Lillie for her launch on Monday. We look forward to our weekly cruises in the Lake Erie Island area with anticipation and excitement!
  3. David in Sandusky

    When will US Canada Borders open?

    Any news on when or how the border will open? Lady Lillie goes in the water 3 May. We will be on her in the Lake Erie Islands weekly after that. But when will we be able to return to Pelee and Leamington? Is either country considering proof of vaccine for entry?
  4. David in Sandusky

    Chesapeake Bay Charter Companies

    We hope to charter a 35-37 foot sailboat on the Chesapeake Bay in September, 2020. What charter companies do you recommend? What do you know about Haven Charters on the east shore in Rock Hall, MD? Thank you for your help!
  5. David in Sandusky

    Diesel Mechanic, North Side of Albemarle Sound

    My friend needs a diesel mechanic for their 1982 Hunter 30 in Elizabeth City, NC. Does anybody know one? thanks,
  6. David in Sandusky

    Best way to sell a Catalina 22?

    A good friend died last month, and his wife wants to sell their ’87 Catalina 22 and trailer. What is the best place for her to post it? It‘s at a yacht club at Hoover Reservoir north of Columbus, OH, until she sells it.
  7. David in Sandusky

    Joys of a quiet Anchorage

    Here is the view over our bow, anchored near East Harbor State Park, Catawba Island, Lake Erie. We saw bald eagles all three days of our recent cruise, as well as professional bass fishermen in The Lake Erie Tournament. There were around five fishing in in East Harbor at any given time then they...
  8. David in Sandusky

    Busted for trying to sneak into Canada

    We heard this from friends who have a summer home on Lake Erie at Point Abino, Ontario. Three of their friends wanted to check on their summerhouses at Point Abino. They sailed together across Lake Erie for a quick visit and check. When they tied up at they dock, they were met by Canadian...
  9. David in Sandusky

    Four glorious days in the Lake Erie Islands!

    Just got home from four days and three nights in our favorite cruising ground. Sunny days, cool temperatures, good (if variable) northeast winds, and no rain! We used our 130 gennie instead of our usual 110, and were happy that this added hours to our sailing time as the winds died down a couple...
  10. David in Sandusky

    Marinas Essential in Ohio

    I checked the Ohio COVID 19 orders to see about the status of marinas. (Ours, Sandusky Harbor Marina is open with sensible restrictions.) The Ohio Order defines Marinas, Docks, and Boat Storage as essential Transportation. Lady Lillie is scheduled to go in during late May. We hope shelter...
  11. David in Sandusky

    The joy of Sailing!

    My daughter and grandkids cruising across Sandusky Bay.
  12. David in Sandusky

    Record run on Fathers’ Day!

    A very happy Fathers’ Day for sure! I’m steering Lady Lillie on a 6 hour sleigh ride from the Great Lakes Cruising Club Rally in Leamington to the Seaway Marina on Kellys Island. A steady 15 to 20 knot nor’easter over our port quarter propelled us over 6 knots on average with some sustained...
  13. David in Sandusky

    Blank page for Legacy Posts and Replies

    For the past 20 hours, the Legacy Posts and Replies page (my landing page for the site) has been blank, no matter how I try to access it! On my last attempt around 2:42, EDT, it displayed, but had these error messages at the top of the page: Notice: Undefined index: insider in...
  14. David in Sandusky

    Cruising the Lake Erie Islands

    A while back, I listed some destinations we were considering for a 2 1/2 week cruise of the Lake Erie Islands, an a couple of you suggested the I blog our trip, so here goes. We loaded our boat on Thursday morning, 7 June, Day 1 of our cruise. This included our two folding bikes for exploring...
  15. David in Sandusky

    Cruising the Lake Erie Islands

    We plan to spend two weeks in our home cruising grounds, the Lake Erie Islands, in the first half of June this summer. We look forward to being able to follow the wind to quiet anchorages during the week, when the weekend crowds are away. Our list of stops includes: - perch at the Village Pump...
  16. David in Sandusky

    Cruising in the Apostle Islands

    The forecast is for four great days of cruising in the Apostle Islands on a Superior Charters Catalina 36. We are celebrating our 50th anniversary with our youngest daughter, her husband, and two grandkids.
  17. David in Sandusky

    Ben Huff Sailing Wrangler

    Ben Huff docked his Cherubini Hunter 30 next to us this spring. Turns out he is getting ready to solo the west half of the Great Loop on his way to the Bahamas! He sets out Monday, and his family and girlfriend are here for the weekend to see him off. Quite some excitement for all. You can see...
  18. David in Sandusky

    Chain/line rode down hawse pipe?

    Last year, we added an anchor roller to our '77 h27. It's a great improvement for stowing, deploying and hauling our 22 pound anchor! While we do not have a deck door to an anchor locker, the space is there in the forepeak, with access through a door at the forward end of the v-berth. We are...
  19. David in Sandusky

    Getting to Lake Huron

    We are going from Sandusky Bay to the North Channel next summer. I've been considering the trip from Sandusky Harbor Marina to Point Edward, a marina north of Sarnia, and our first stop on Lake Huron. That's about 113 nautical miles (nm.) Once we leave Lake Erie, we will be bucking currents from...
  20. David in Sandusky

    West Coast of Lake Huron

    East(!) Coast of Lake Huron Thank you who responded to my request about the North Channel! How about focusing on the trip up there, on the west coast of Lake Huron. Point Edwards to Bayfield looks like a long leg. Then there are the islands and bays from Kincardine Tobermory. Do you recommend...