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    Air draft and ICW bridges

    In theory would this work (I don't think I would have the nerve to try it ) I have a Legend 40.5 if I see the tide boards reading 64 ft of clearance I will "ding" my vhf antenna on the bridge girders ,at 1800 rpm I'm cruising at 7 knots with a Flex-O-Fold 3 blade prop which at that speed and rpm...
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    Battery Cable size??

    Increasing the house bank, adding 2 additional group 31 AGM to bring the total to 4 house with a combined 420 amp hours my question; cable size wiring in parallel, with the longest run's of 12" to 18" max, can i use the ready made 4.0 cables or should i go with the heavier 2.0 cables ?? Thanks...
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    2 anchors on the 40.5 bow roller?? how??

    Trying to figure out how to safely carry my 2 existing anchors (1/Fortress 23 and 1/Manson 44Lb Supreme) on my existing bow roller without having to have an expensive bow roller modification, would love to be able to carry both on the bow, but don't see how, I know that finding anyone that has...
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    Crusing Guides

    Anyone have a favorite cruising guide/publication for the Atlantic ICW and Chesapeake Bay?? Any and all suggestions are appreciated. Capt. Ron
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    40.5 Companionway hatch

    I have a problem with the overhead sliding companionway hatch in that it now only slides about 2/3 open, something went "clunk" and now when sliding open the hatch it hits a solid stop limiting the opening. anyone else ever dealt with this or any suggestions as how to trouble shoot this would be...
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    bottom painting aluminum??

    Just bought a new AB ultra light Aluminum Rib dinghy, now wondering if I need or should bottom paint the hull ?? :confused: Capt. Ron
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    Best time to cruise the Chesapeake??

    I'm retiring at the end of this year, and have always wanted to cruise the Chesapeake (more than 2 weeks) so this time we want to do 2+months, thinking either May and June (spring storms more unsettled weather?) or Sept. and Oct. (drier but cooler, I like cooler) any opinions or suggestions...
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    40.5 and davits

    planning to install davits on my 1997 40.5 but before I purchase (looking at Garhauer, Kato and Martek) I thought it would be wise to check with others to see what they went with and why, also any installation tips and or photos would be greatly appreciated. Thanks much, fair winds and calm...
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    replacing cabin windows h40.5

    Hey guys, Getting ready to replace both the large cabin trunk fixed windows on my 40.5, have new windows, dow 795 and all necessary tools, one question, does any one know if the drilled holes in the existing windows are there for screws or just "bleed holes"?? guess I'll find out when I start...
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    Freezer compression rod

    Anybody have any suggestions as to where I might begin to search for a new gas or is it a spring loaded piston that holds up the refrig./ freezer lid? Any help would be very much appreciated. Capt. Ron
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    Gas piston replacement for fridge lid

    Anyone have any idea where I might look for a source to find a replacement gas filled or is it spring loaded piston rod that holds up my freezer lid on my h-40.5 mine has decided to retire. Thanks much, Capt. Ron
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    Motion detector/ boarded at night

    Anyone considered or have come up with a wirless motion dector that could be mounted in the cockoit or on a bimini or dodger brace?? The reason i'm asking over the past 3 yr's we have been boarded twice late at night, both times visiting other marina's. 1st time two drunks decided to sit in...
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    Inflatable dinghy suggestions

    Hey guys & gal's I'm in the market for a new dinghy (want an inflatable) just saw on line the AB brand they have a rigid aluminum hull in 8', 9' and 10' I'm considering the 9' in has oversized Hypalon tubes, non-skid floor and only weighs 68 lbs, which cant be much more if any than an air floor...
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    Adjustable Geona Car System

    I want to buy the adjustable geona "E-Z" Glide car system from Garhauer so that I can adjust the geona under load my question is there is a optional swivel cam on a slide and was wondering does anyone have this system, comments? and the optional swivel cam slide as I' not sure how this option...
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    Update Eastern & Coastal NC

    New Bern/Oriental & Irene, Oriental recorded a gust of 91 MPH at 7:24 this morning and currently blowing a steady 50/55 MPH, flooding now at about 8 1/2 ft. Oriental hass a great web site go to to view pictures they have a live wind guage, and about 4 streaming web cams although...
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    ordor when flushing forward head

    Peggy, about 3 months ago I just completed replacing the holdiong tank and all sanitation hose from both heads to the holding tank both heads share the same holding tank on my Hunter 40.5 the aft head is an electric head and we never get any ordor when flusbing but if we use the forward head...
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    Replacement windows on 40 .5

    I think some of you 40.5 owners have already done this and as I prepare to do the same i'm wondering how many tubes of Corning 795 caulk/sealant I will need for both windows (the long port and starboard) cabin trunk fixed windows, and what kind of hard rubber stops/spacers (material) did you...
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    40.5 holding tank replacement

    Ok, I'm finally ready to replace my old holding tank in my 97 40.5, I have the new replacement tank, new hoses and all necessary fittings (including the hose mender coupler) I have read all the previous posts and viewed all pictures (from Rick I think) my only question and concern is replacing...
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    VHF Radio woes

    I recently installed a new Standard Horizon Quantum Model GX5500S it is installed at the Nav Station and works fine, I have sense installed the companion Ram Mike at the helm and this problem is only with the Ram Mike and it only happens on channel 16, all other channels are loud and clear. The...
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    VHF radio interference

    I recently installed a Standard Horizon GX500s VHF Radio and the companion Ram Mike at the helm the base station works fine but the problem is with the ram mike and only on channel 16 there is a very loud hum when I try to transmit on channel 16 it is so loud that that it completely drowns out...