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  1. Slartibartfass

    2019 Season Launch Prep

    Epoxied the Transducer yesterday. Added a small bead of 3M4000 around the top of the rubrail where it touches the hull. Still need to add some on the bottom of rubrail. Started to fix keel... After sanding: TotalBoat 2 part fairing compound: First coat: Second coat after some sanding...
  2. Slartibartfass

    Adjustable genoa/jib car

    My latest upgrade. Slowly getting her ready....
  3. Slartibartfass

    Transducer installation

    Used plumbers putty so far to put the transducer in the forward lazarette in the cabin but it gets loose over time. Epoxy any good? Thoughts....?
  4. Slartibartfass

    New Box Cushions

    As the saying goes: If you are into sailing you are into sewing..... Started on some box cushions for my sailboat and other uses.... Will be ~18"x18" and 3" thick. Blue Sunbrella with white welting/piping. Top side will include a white channeling fabric detail running across diagonal. As an...
  5. Slartibartfass

    Sunbrella covers for trailer bunks

    Did some more sewing over the weekend:
  6. Slartibartfass

    Building a gimbaled stove holder for my CP-22 (COMPLETED)

    After my first overnight with rain the next day that made using the grill impossible I decided I need a gimbaled stove attached to the compression post to be able to make some Joe in the morning.... Did some research on the internet and bought a JetBOIL PCS and an adapter to use Coleman Camping...
  7. Slartibartfass

    2018 Sailing Season is (around the corner) OPEN

    2 weeks until launch (hopefully). The count down continues....
  8. Slartibartfass

    Depth Sounder

    Looking for recommendations..... Don't like thru hull....
  9. Slartibartfass

    Former is now part of this site

    in a new sub-forum. Cheers, Malte aka Slartibartfass
  10. Slartibartfass

    Upgrade to my V-berth area

    On my Capri 22 i rearranged things for overnighting in the future and converted the V-berth area into a storage compartment based on a lot of comments about this topic on this group. I added removable boards to prevent storage boxes to move while under sail and laid down custom cut rubber mats...
  11. Slartibartfass

    How to correctly coil line....
  12. Slartibartfass

    Help to identify item that are with my Catalina Capri 22

    No idea what this is....
  13. Slartibartfass

    Memorial weekend sail with the family

    UNCUT: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly..... Got a little bit exciting while getting out the harbor..... Sorry, language is German-English garble....
  14. Slartibartfass

    West Marine 40% off rope sale on 4/29 only!

    Just got an email......
  15. Slartibartfass

    Newbie went to contract for 2006 Catalina 22 Capri (hull # 1139)

    My wife gets the kitchen redo..... Survey on Friday and closing in early January. Tall rig, fin keel with performance package, with Trail Rite trailer and 4HP Mercury outboard. Excited!