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    South Shore Harbor Marina, League City, TX

    Bringing a new to us boat home to South Shore. The #1 and #2 markers for the channel into the marina seem pretty far apart. Anyone with local knowledge? Go in down the middle, favor one side or the other? Sailboat with five foot draft. Thanks, Bob
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    Sailboat surveyor FL west coast

    This may finally be it. Offer accepted, papers signed. Need a surveyor, boat is located in Palm Harbor so I would assume a surveyor from Tarpon Springs or the Tampa/St.Pete area. Thanks, Bob
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    Sailboat surveyor Miami

    Looking for a sailboat surveyor in the Miami area. Thanks, Bob
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    Whitby 42 tanks, where and how many

    Looking at a couple of Whitby 42s. Trying to find out where the fuel and water tanks are located and their individual capacity. I know there is fuel tank in the keel but no idea of its capacity. I know the total capacity as built, but one boat had the tanks replaced/modified. Thanks, Bob
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    Sailboat surveyor New orleans

    Can anyone recommend a sailboat surveyor in the New Orleans area? Thanks, Bob
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    Legend 37 and genset

    Looking at a Legend 37, has A/C but no genset. Will be located on the Gulf Coast, LA or AL. Any overnight trip will require A/C at night, at least for a few hours. Prefer to anchor out but with no genset will have to use marinas. What do other people do? Bob
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    Aft cabin on a '87 Legend 37

    Looking at the subject boat. Haven't seen the boat yet. How useful is the centerline berth in the aft cabin? Can two people actually sleep in it? How about head room? We're used to a CC with standing headroom in the aft cabin. Thanks, Bob
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    Genset on a 36

    Does anyone have a 36 with a genset? Thanks, Bob
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    Islander 36 propane tank location.

    Looking to buy a 36 and wondering where the propane locker might be. Thanks, Bob
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    Islander 36 water tanks

    Looking at an Islander 36. It has two water deckfills. Does that mean it has two water tanks? Capacity is listed at 50 gal. Would that be each tank if it has two or two tanks combined? Thanks, Bob
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    Water tank capacity 35S5

    What is the water tank capacity of a 35S5? Sailboatdata says 30 gal but the Yachtworld listing says 80 gal. Which is correct? Thanks, Bob
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    Ericson 35-3 questions

    Looking at possibly buying a 35-3. The boat has two water deck fills so I'm assuming two water tanks. Sailboat data says water capacity is 50 gal. Is that for both tanks or each tank? Has anyone installed davits for hoisting a dinghy? Any particular issues to look for? I think it's a '88...
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    Sailboat surveyor Lake Texoma

    Might need a surveyor in the Lake Texoma area. Thanks, Bob
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    Trucking a 41' boat from Lake Texoma to Clear Lake

    Any ideas or experience of the cost for the subject move? Looking at an interesting boat on Lake Texoma. Thinking of sailing the lake for a while and then trucking the boat to Clear Lake. Thanks, Bob
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    Surveyor, Mobile, AL

    Looking for recommendations for a sailboat surveyor in the subject area. Thanks, Bob
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    Surveyor, Wrightsville/Carolina Beach area

    Looking for a surveyor for a sailboat in the subject area. Thanks, Bob
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    Compression post repair

    Just looked at a 37CC. It seems the top of the compression post is about one inch low. The forward head door has a very uneven gap at the top and the v-berth door will not close because it is rubbing against the door frame at the top. I can see the bottom of the compression post through a very...
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    Compression post on 37CC

    Looking at pictures if 37cc I don't see a compression post. Is there one?
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    Any owners with 37cc and genset

    Going to look at a 37CC. Seems to have everything we want except genset. If you have a genset, where is it located? On our 41CC it was in front of the engine. Thanks, Bob
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    35CC with leaking fueltanks

    Looking at a 35 with leaking tanks. Is it possible to remove and replace the tanks? Had a 41 for eight years with leaking tank. Looked impossible to get the tank out so I cut access holes and line the inside with fiberglass and epoxy. If we do the 35 I would prefer to replace the tank if...