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  1. Mike Madeira Beach

    Correct distance apart for mooring ties poles?

    Hi All, We have just purchased an Irwin Citation 38, she has a 12ft 6 beam. We are arranging to have tie poles installed to the right of our dock and are wondering what the correct/desirable width is? I am thinking around 16 feet? Allowing just under 2 foot either side? Any opinions on this...
  2. Mike Madeira Beach

    Irwin 38 Citation - potential purchase

    Hi all, We are considering purchasing an Irwin 38 Citation and would be very interested to hear general views - negative or positive...... General build quality? Standard of cabin interior fit out? Points to watch etc? Best regards Mike and Christina Auton
  3. Mike Madeira Beach

    Interested in buying a 322

    Any advice from current or past owners on what to look for in these boats would be greatly appreciated. + any coming up for sale of course! Many thanks in advance...
  4. Mike Madeira Beach

    Looking to buy a Catalina 27 or 30

    Would really appreciate any advice from current or past owners of either the 27 or 30. What to look for and any common faults to look out for. Currently leaning a little more towards a 30 for the extra space, but the 27 looks pretty roomy!