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    Cabin/Salon Light Replacements

    Have you thought of putting film over the lens?
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    Jabsco macerator

    Thank you Peggy. I did call Paul, he said of course to protect the manufacturer he can't authorize my set up, but so long as the impeller has water running through it that it was fine. If down the road I have a problem that I should change it to the macerator only model. There is no present need...
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    Jabsco macerator

    "But there's one more problem with doing that: the pump/motor assembly (what you're calling just a "macerator") is designed to pull water inAND push water out of the bowl. If you isolate it to the intake side, you wouldn't have any way to empty the bowl." The impeller is on the motor side of...
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    Jabsco macerator

    I think it might have originated as a fresh water head. The through hull for the vanity drain was altered to be the seawater pick up. The galley drain through hull was altered to accept the aft. Then the vanity sink and galley sink drained into the other through hull. The head is already...
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    Jabsco macerator

    Would it be ok if I just connected fresh water to the water in side of the macerator and the water out to the bowl?
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    Jabsco macerator

    I have a 2005 Hunter 41 DS. My forward head has a Jabsco macerator #37045-7001, my aft head has a Jabsco #37010-1090. My forward head has a discharge to the waste tank and fresh water in to the head, that's it, simple and works fine. My aft head has on the macerator a discharge to the waste...
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    BUYING! H34! (my boat thread)

    If you can find your Autopilot ECU, you should see wires labeled for the Fluxgate Compass. They should lead you to it. Generally amidship, low and center. I had to stick my head in the bilge then look up. Raymarine was very helpful and gave me trouble shooting instructions along with Ohm...
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    Hunter 41 DS Electronics Install

    My Fluxgate Compass is amidship in the bilge area next to the settee and dining table. I had to stick my head in and then look under the sole toward the aft.
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    Raymarine st4000+ autopilot problems

    I have an ST7001 and have the same problem with it. Raymarine needs to know which ACU is installed. I haven't found that controller yet. My Fluxgate compass is amidship, under the sole, tucked up and away. I had to stick my head in the bilge area and look up. A Leprechaun must have installed it...
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    Yanmar alternator loosens way too often

    The second nut was added as a locking nut. You break the 2 nuts free, tighten the inner nut, then tighten the outer nut to hold it in place and to keep it from vibrating loose. I have also used the double nut method to remove bolts when the head broke off.
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    Outboard size

    There is one for sale here in the Gear Ads.
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    Fluxgate compass

    Could my solution be as simple as buying a new sensor?
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    Fluxgate compass

    I found my Fluxgate Compass tucked back under the sole in a cranny of the bilge. A Leprechaun must have installed it. The Admiral found it by going half way into the bilge and feeling around with her hand. We had to use a mirror to verify it. Unfortunately I didn't see any metal objects within...
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    Fluxgate compass

    I'm sorry, I was talking to the Admiral and mistyped. I have a St7001 autopilot. By the way I could use a sun cover for it if anyone has one they can part with. I can't find one on the open market.
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    Fluxgate compass

    I have a Raymarine Axiom.
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    Fluxgate compass

    Aft of the salon is the galley and nav station. Then you have the engine and aft stateroom under the cockpit. I have an AC and stereo under the settee seats along the centerline. Forward of that is a stateroom and head. I have looked under the seating and bed, but I can't find it.
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    Fluxgate compass

    I have a 2005 41DS. Does anyone happen to know where I can find the fluxgate compass?
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    2006 Hunter 41 DS initial thoughts

    We have a water maker, generator, wind generator and solar panels. Just need to go to port for fuel and food. I'm working on solving those two problems right now.
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    Recommendation on Tablet to use for Navionics App?

    I'm hanging tight for ORCA to come to the USA.
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    Dinghy swing

    I'm looking for some ideas to control or eliminate the swinging of my dinghy while underway. Having it hit the stanchion for the davit is not doing it any favors or to my stress level.