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    Rebedding bow pulpit Oday 25

    On my 25, the bow pulpit moves quite a bit, a lot more than I think it should. The bolts are tight, deck is sound but I wouldn't want to rely on holding on if I fell over. I did notice that someone put silicone on it to stop leaking. Last night there was some rain and today I could see water...
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    Trailer for oday 25

    i‘m looking for a trailer to use for my oday 25. Just wondering if something like this is possible to use? Yes, I know it’ll need to be modified, I.e. keel support and bunks, etc. I have the tools and ability to do that work, just wanted thoughts on good bones or not to start with. It‘s a...
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    New O'Day 25 Owner

    So I just purchased an 83 O'Day 25 in Ft. Worth, TX. Never had a sailboat before, but looking forward to learning how to sail and repair. Boat is in really good condition and dry! Couldn't pass it up even without a motor or trailer. Long story short, motor gets installed in the next couple...