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    Near Miss in Port Huron

    Saw this video of a near miss at Port Huron. The folks on this boat are lucky to be alive. Wonder what they are thinking about their experience and seamanship (or lack thereof).
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    Marine Traffic Time Warp!

    I've always known Second Star, a Sabre 362, was pretty fast for a cruising 36 foot boat. But how fast is really? According to Marine Traffic it can arrive at a port an hour before it left. MT says I left Oswego, NY on August 4 at 11:09 am and arrived in Catskill, NY on August 4 at 10:12 am...
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    Understanding Victron SmartSolar Synchronized Charging

    Second Star has 2 150 watt Solar PV panels independently controlled by 2 Victron 75/15, the PV panels charge 2 Group 31 FireFly batteries. The controllers connect to a positive busbar. Both controllers show the panels to be functional with open circuit voltages up to ~27 v. Both controllers...
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    Reverse Polarity and Inverter Damage

    A boater at my marina is claiming his Inverter was damaged because the marina had reverse polarity at his pedestal. It is my understanding that most if not all AC electrical devices will continue to work with reversed polarity, however, since the neutral wire is now protected by the circuit...
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    Trouble Shooting Yanmar Tachometer for "B" Panel

    The tach for my Yanmar 3jh2e is not working. This tach uses a flywheel sensor to count rpms. After testing the sensor, I found it had failed. It was replaced and now works. Digging into the wiring harness, I found the ground to the light and the tach was bad. That was repaired and the light...
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    Globe Run Dry Impellers

    When I went to replace the impeller on my Yanmar 3JH2E I saw the recommended Globe Impeller had a different configuration from the Yanmar impeller. For those who have installed the Globe Impellers, is this typical? They Yanmar impeller had 9 fairly thick vanes, the Globe 12 thinner vanes. Does...
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    ArriveCan--New CBSA App

    Canada now has an app for the clearing into Canada, it appears to be much like the ROAM app for clearing US Customs. Its available for boat Android and IOS. Of course it won't be much use until the borders open again. But we can dream!
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    Ever Given

    The master of the Ever Given is certainly having a bad day.
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    Sea Shanties

    How did we go so long on SBO without diving into the Sea Shany meme. and
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    Only in Florida

    So, what's surprising here? That Key West has a BYOB floating Tiki Bar? It was stolen? The thief was dead drunk at the wheel? It involved a Florida Man? :beer...
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    Tank Monitor Installations

    The time has come to add tank monitors to the holding tank and probably 2 water tanks. As I look at the various technologies most of them require a sending unit inside the tank which means installing a new hole in the top of the tank. Due to the locations of the tanks an external sensor, like...
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    NMEA Releases OneNet Standard---Goodbye 0183 and N2K

    NMEA has released the OneNet standard. This is an ethernet protocol that is essentially the same as the ethernet in your home and on wifi. The protocol opens the the door to standard networking systems and devices. Its about time NMEA.
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    Mac Users Rejoice--- Mac ENC is back!

    Mac ENC is a charting program developed for the Mac. It was superbly easy to use and full featured. However, due to changes in the Mac OS it was orphaned by the developers who chose to focus on iOS, with iNavX. This evening I received an email reporting the program has been revived and will be...
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    Customs Decal Renewal Time

    For those of us who live on the US/Canada border and like to sail across the border we need to a "Customs Decal" if our boat is 30 ft or longer. Today I received notification that I can now renew my decal online for 2021. A little while later this showed up in the Syracuse paper...
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    Who doesn't like to watch things blow up,

    especially when no one is hurt or damage done. A WWII Tallboy bomb was detonated in Poland.
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    USCG Shallow Water Survey

    The USCG is conducting a survey of boaters who operate in shallow waters and how they use aids to navigation. There is more information in the linked article with a link to the survey in the article.
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    Email Link Problems

    Since Last night, the links in the notification emails don't seem to be working. The link yields a "Can't find the Server" error. Attached is the raw source from the email message and raw HTML from the error page.
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    Super Lube Grease

    @Peggie Hall HeadMistress often recommends Super Lube grease for the pump on Raritan heads and Raritan specifies Super Lube #SL1CC grease. Try as I might I could not find #SL1CC grease and Super Lube makes a lot of different lubricants. So, I went to the horse's mouth, Super Lube support (not...
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    ELCI Failure

    Last year I installed a new Blue Sea ELCI, and it worked well all season and the beginning of this season, and then it didn't. Here's the scenario: It was hot, ~95° F with the shore power inlet fully exposed to the sun. The shore power cord is an early SmartPlug cord with thermal protection...
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    Good Old Boat Magazine-- Download Free Issue

    The July/August issue of Good Old Boat Magazine is available as a free download.