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    Rig Shimmy

    Firstly - I'm in Oklahoma and there are no riggers near me. I have a 1984 Hunter 34 with a B&R rig, with split backstay. We were sailing in 15 - 20 kts with gusts up to around 25. We would get this shimmy the whole time that I have never seen or experienced on the boat before. The spreaders...
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    Hunter 34 Starboard side of engine access

    Does anyone have any tricks or suggestions they have used to get better access to the starboard side of the engine to do maintenance? Especially on the heat exchanger and fuel lift pump? I want to chase down a leak on a fuel return line and possibly replace the fuel lift pump with a new one to...
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    H34 Prototype companionway instrument cluster

    Thought I'd share a little fun project I've been working on. Modeled in OnShape CAD software and 3d printing the model as a shell to use as the mold. Of course I still have to sand, body work, etc...the mold. Got one prototype printed and used it to fine tune dimensions, will print the second...
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    Rerouting instrument wiring - Hunter 34

    I'm trying to finish my new instrument install and I'm having trouble finding a good path for the wiring on my H34. I'm going from the electrical panel area where my ITC-5 is going to be mounted near, up to the inset area where the headliner is mounted, and I want to come out by the sliding...
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    Hunter 34 crack behind stove

    Well I found this little gem while cleaning and doing other refit related items... What does everyone make of this? I found it behind the stove and oven area when I removed them to take them home for cleaning. I have sounded the hull with a plastic hammer in the same area on the outside and all...
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    Cotter pin sizes

    Anyone know the cotter pin sizes needed for H34 standing rigging? I forgot to grab my bag while at the boat this weekend and meant to get the diameters and length to order a new set in preparation for splashing.
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    Hunter 34 Chainplate Anchor help

    Oh boy... here we go. So I decided to rebed my chainplates. I undid the 4 bolts on deck, started unscrewing and counting turns and lifting some in between to check my progress. Without having done this I didn't really know what I was looking for/at, just going off what I had read. The...
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    H34 - Rudder Post Rotten Core Repair and Stuffing Gland question

    I recently dropped my rudder to repair rotten core all around the rudder post as it comes through the lazarette floor. Below the lazarette floor you have the steering quadrant and then a gland that seals off the water ingress in the quarter berth. Does anyone know for certain if there is packing...
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    H34 Compression post - Transverse beam 'loose'

    Hey everyone - thought I'd post up and see what I get from here. I only got a couple of replies from the Hunter Owners Facebook Group. I have taken the old Post out and chiseled away the rotten portions of the transverse beam overhead. Most of that rot was down the port side but I made both...
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    Wet Core Suggestions for Repair? H34

    Finishing up the deal on a Hunter 34 - walked the deck and sounded around shrouds, mast, and any suspicious areas when "bouncing/walking" the deck - all seemed good except this one spot, and of course the anchor locker lid like all H34s I've been on. Before anyone asks, surveyors don't really...
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    Is this a transducer?

    Sorry, I know this seems like a dumb question, but is this a transducer or triducer? Looked at a H34 on Sunday with this in the shower bildge, it has a grey wire leading aft through the limber holes but its not like any transducer I've seen before. The three instruments on the boat didn't work...
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    H34 Questions for inspecting and seeking advice

    Hi everyone, I'm a prospective H34 owner - I look at the boat on Saturday. Unfortunately I live in the mid/south west area of the US (Oklahoma) and there aren't really Sailboat focused marine surveyors here, so I really have to do the inspecting myself. I've been reading some Don Casey to help...