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  1. Sailor_Jeff

    1st Post... 1st Large (to me) Sailboat... Hunter 28.5 or Hunter 33

    To answer your question and not pontificate and offer advice you did not ask for, the Hunter 28.5 was the bast boat Hunter ever made. Modified this boat had cruised around the world literally. It has no known design flaws that are intrensic. Using it as a cruiser though you will want to...
  2. Sailor_Jeff

    Times Up?

    When either they pry my cold dead hands off the tiller or I lose interest, which ever comes first...
  3. Sailor_Jeff

    No emergency tiller... but then again... no emergency... yet!

    What model boat do you have? Jeff
  4. Sailor_Jeff

    Bulkhead location 1993 Hunter 335

    A qualified marine surveyor can probably advise you the best. They are not free, they too must earn a living, but usually it is good.
  5. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 28.5 ... my boat... my future home... my project

    Are you in California? Jeff
  6. Sailor_Jeff


    Sounds like a rental or time share and this means your boat would be engaged in commercial activities, whether you make a profit is irrelevant. . The federal government has specific regulations on required equipment, documentation, insurance and liability for this. The insurance policy is...
  7. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 28.5 ... my boat... my future home... my project

    Love my 28.5 have spent weeks aboard. Just remember you have room for few personal possessions but what the heck. It's like having a cabin on the water, without any grass to mow.
  8. Sailor_Jeff

    Burping Yanmar 2GM20

    Hi Dalliance, Where did you get your engine insulation?
  9. Sailor_Jeff

    Looking for a Former Hunter Employee

    Hi Pat, For my own knowledge I would like to ask, WHY do you need this? Oops, never mind I see that you want to register it commercially. I'm just curious what commercial operations are you going to do? What part of the country are you in?
  10. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 28.5 Side Windows/Front Hatch

    Sure, I just installed my new side windows (ports) this last summer in my Hunter 28.5 "Amazing Grace". Bought the kit, and it came with almost everything I needed. The items it did not have in the kit were things I easily picked up from Lowe's or Home Depot. There were clear instructions...
  11. Sailor_Jeff

    Rerun missing halyards

    With the mast down, I have rented scaffolding for a weekend from a local rental shop for almost nothing and set it up my self. (if you have them transport it and set it up for you is costs more money). If that's not in the budget, being careful, a couple ladders have worked for me in the past...
  12. Sailor_Jeff

    Serious Repair Question

    What?!? You saying hunters can't take a 45 degree heel? Hmmm, I think that's not correct. we should NEVER insult someone's boat on this forum and tell them to buy a new boat. Although I would never sustain a 45 degree heal because I and most importantly my "significant other" in my life...
  13. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter resource documents archive now online

    Hi, I noticed that there is virtually no information on one of hunters most popular boats, the H28.5. I have my original manual and some other documents. Who (or what email address) can I contact to offer to scan to PDF my manual to contribute to this documentation effort?
  14. Sailor_Jeff

    odd request: battery case

    Right now there is a hummingbird VHF5 on eBay for about 20 bucks. Perhaps it has the battery box you need. Take a look.
  15. Sailor_Jeff

    Drinking water electric pump out 29.5

    Just went through this on mine. Turns out after changing the pump and other troubleshooting... It was s faulty worn out circuit breaker. Installed new breaker, fixed problem. Jeff
  16. Sailor_Jeff

    Water leak on Yanmar 2GMF raw water pump

    Those impeller numbers don't exactly match the numbers I had for my 2GMF. ? Do I have different or??
  17. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 25.5 yes or no?

    Congratulations, I know you will love it. I developed a technique for dealing with maintenance / upgrade costs. I get a good financial ledger. Record everything I do to the boat on the left hand margins, then, as I write the costs on the right side, I don't quite let the pencil touch the...
  18. Sailor_Jeff

    Hunter 25.5 yes or no?

    Things to consider. And you should remember opinions from non family are like black water tanks. They are essential but frequently stink. You might want to check and make sure the marina has extra slips and no waiting list. Sometimes if a marina is full, the boat's previous owner may keep...
  19. Sailor_Jeff

    29.5 frameless window replacement

    Oh, almost forgot, cruising concepts also makes the new window bezels or window trim parts for inside the boat if you boat uses them.
  20. Sailor_Jeff

    29.5 frameless window replacement

    There is a company called "Cruising concepts" (google them) will custom cut the tinted window, will properly chamfer the plexi edges with their CNC milling machine and provide the adhesive and provide detailed instructions. You can discard the screws with their process as they are no longer...