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    272 Foredeck hatch cracked

    what type of caulk have you 272 owners used to repair small cracks in the caulk of the 272 replacement hatches sent by O'day quite a few years ago....maybe by Rudy @ D & R also....the plexiglass is not cracked but a bit of the caulk has separated from the plexiglass..the caulk, probably black...
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    Winterizing the AC motor ?

    Last year I completly forgot to winterize the AC I got to buy a new pump this last spring. Now it is time to winterize again (or will be soon), and I was wondering about the best way to blow out the March pump prior to putting the boat away for the winter in the yard...Any caution...
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    stack-pak issues

    We are having significant issues raising our main with the Stack-pak / fully battened main. It seems to me like the battens almost always snag on the main as it is being raised....esp. when motoring into the wind, but even on nearly calm days when basically still in the water....I've considered...
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    Best water tank purifier?

    What is the best water tank purifier for warm to hot climate for sailboat water tank? Thanks for your comment. Pat
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    Size of sewage pump out fitting for O'day 272 ?

    Our club is now missing the pump-out connector that screws down into the boat's pump out deck connection and I'm am trying to find one that will fit (screw down) as the old one did...does anyone know the actual size of the required fitting? The deck connection on the boat allows for a screw-on...
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    O'day 272 LE Engine Question...what are they?

    Changing the oil last week I stupidly disconnected two wires ( spade plugs) that appear to belong connected in the area around the dip-stick/oil filter on the Westerbeke Diesel.....I rrealized quickly that I had disconnected something important, and I got the two wires back on the spade...
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    Best fire prevention device for sailboat w/ diesel engine, etc.

    my original fire ext. needs to be replaced I think....I purchased it in the spring of says it is okay for use (green) but firedepartment down the street doubts it's as okay as it thinks it is.. thanks, Patrick in Wichita..
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    Removing Old is a good solution!

    We bought the 272 LE in Dec. of 1986.....In the spring of 1987 someone suggested we use polyglow on the grey hull..which we did. It looked fantastic !! Two weeks later, we were washing the deck with softscrub w/ bleach and in rinsing it off, the bleach removed the poly glow and made steaks...
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    how to winterize the elec. system ?

    Maine Sail, thank you for your great contributions and forgive my crazy question....Our O'day 272LE has two group 27 batteries and a battery charger that is set to both....I winterized the boat yesterday but did nothing to the electrical system. I know I left our boat without touching the...
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    How best to winterize a two battey/one charger O'day 272?

    I need advice on how to secure the batteries and charger for the winter lay-up....I have access to my charger, two batteries and an electric outlet within a two feet of the boat....should I run an extension cord to the post, plug it into the boat, and what about leaving them on during the winter...
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    Garmin EchoMap DV43 Installation

    Good afternoon, my wife purchased the subject Garmin product for installation in our O'Day 272 LE.....I'm interested if anyone out there has installed one of these units in their 272 LE and can provide advice. I'm told the hardest part may be fishing the conduits in the wheel pedestal...I'm...
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    Out of sight, out of mind?

    We spent yesterday cleaning our quarterberth of un-used, not needed items...there was a lot! In doing this we discovered the plywood covers over the under-cushion storage areas were not so nice.....we bought the boat new in 1986 and other than required access for necessary up-keep, etc. have...
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    Is vent clogged again?

    Our head vent (O'Day 272 LE) appears to be clogged again.....I need to go to the pump-out station this afternoon, and am pre-judging that I must clear the vent hose before trying the pump out.....Do you agree?'s not hard to take off the vent fitting because, in my mind I'm thinking the...
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    A.C. Freezing up..Why?

    The 12,000 btu Mermaid AC in our O'Day 272 freezes up and ceases to cool the boat....did it twice this week....when it does this it ceases to cool anything and we were close to 100 degrees every day this weekend....I then have to put a fan in front of the grill and it eventually thaws and runs...
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    Have lost key starter on Westerbeke 10-2

    Went to start engine and the key mechanism has disappeared to a small compartment aft of the panel.. I have the key but the mechanism is missing from the starting panel. does anyone know the type of mechanism (?) that holds the switch in place.. on a Westerbeke 10-2 . From the quarterberth I...
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    Westerbeke starting panel

    yesterday in shutting off the engine the entire key/Westerbeke panel at the aft end of the cockpit of the 272LE became disconnected from the aft cockpit bulkhead.. Does anyone have any thoughts as to how to reattach this panel ? I have not crawled into the quarterberth to try to look at it, but...
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    Removing scum on white boot stripe?

    Since installing an AC under the V-berth our boat sits slightly bow down due to weight distribution. The has allowed scum to adhere to the 5 inch white stripe hear the water line (approx. 1 inch wide into the white....below this stripe the boat has bottom paint that makes it easy to clean but...
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    Removing Polyglow ??

    Maine Sail, thank you for your contributions! I looked at our grey 272 LE's hull this week and noticed that a lot of the polyglow we put on many years ago still remains on the aft portside hull.....We have had our boat professionally waxed nearly every year by a fine gentleman that drives to...
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    Need Advice Repairing Gelcoat

    Our O'day 272 LE has many hairline cracks in the gelcoat in various places...I want to fill these with some product that will at least come close to matching the gelcoat color....Any ideas... btw...the O'day gelcoat colors white...maybe a little gray.....does anyone sell small quanities of...
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    Olympic Sailing guide w/times

    The schedule for Olympic Sailing is item no. 4 under the heading "Ask all Sailors" 1 Pat