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  1. marchem

    Factory fresh water and holding tank sensors

    Pretty sure the factory didn’t install any sensors. Those would have been done by the dealer or a PO.
  2. marchem

    Rigging the 2nd reef in a 310?

    I wonder if that fair lead is supposed to be for a halyard, and not the reef line?
  3. marchem

    Rigging the 2nd reef in a 310?

    A true single line reefing system, where the same line pulls down both the luff and the leach of the main, suffers from an inability to provide enough luff tension. Using a reefing hook, and a cringle in the luff of the sail let’s you use the main halyard to provide sufficient luff tension. But...
  4. marchem

    Running DC circuits while charging battery?

    One thing to watch for: if your DC equipment can’t handle 14+ volts. Most can, but it’s something to be aware of.
  5. marchem

    LED Anchor Light

    My rigger replaced the anchor bulb with LED when he was up replacing the wind sensor and the steaming/deck light. Don’t remember what he used, sorry. It’s worth it to me to let him deal with those things up the mast. Some LED bulbs are polarity sensitive, especially the less expensive ones, so...
  6. marchem

    Galley Cabinet Removal: Rebedding Leaking Starboard sail track

    It’s likely that the spots where the track is bolted (either thru or into a plate) do not have any core, so the moisture meter may not tell you anything. But it’s worth checking around the chain plates, because they are liable to leak, and it’s probably cored there. The fix is to pull them...
  7. marchem

    New toilet and holding tank system

    Wondering why you want to replace the tank. Ours is a 2000 C310, with original tank. Once I replaced the hoses and toilet (Raritan PH Super Flush, thank you, Peggy), and made the modification that Peggy mentions for fresh water flushing we've got no problems with the system. Our tank is...
  8. marchem

    Location of fluxgate compass

    The factory did not install those, almost always done by the dealer, or a previous owner. So it could be just about anywhere!
  9. marchem

    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    If you’re talking about the EV-1 compass you need to reread the installation manual for it. There’s nothing in there that implies having the sensor mounted high in the bilge is the “favorable” spot.
  10. marchem

    Raymarine ST4000+ Seatalk Fail message

    Some Raymarine APs are able to provide power to the STng backbone, but not all of them, so having two breakers for the AP and other instruments is very possible.
  11. marchem

    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    The p70 will display speed, but if you remove the ST-60 speed display you won’t have any speed data to display. You will need either a new ”smart” paddle wheel, or the iTC-5. Having the wind data available to the AP will let you follow a fixed wind angle. The good news is that there are...
  12. marchem

    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    Another option to consider: add an MFD to a new pod on the pedestal. Since this picture I replaced the depth readout with a p70 autopilot control head. Lots more money, but more functionality.
  13. marchem

    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    The manual for the EV-1 says it needs to be level with 5 degrees when the vessel is at rest. There are no issues with it being mounted higher, or further aft, or further forward. Very different from older compass units. It does need 3’ from magnetic fields, including boom boxes!
  14. marchem

    Raymarine Evolution Wheel Pilot Install

    Depending on how many ST-60 transducers you’ve got another option for getting them interfaced with the AP and newer devices is the Seatalk to Seatalk NG adapter, instead of an iTC5. That’s what I used for my old sensors and e7d MFD and Evolution autopilot. Also about half the price, but does...
  15. marchem

    Maiden voyage

    Finally got a picture of the docking line. The trick is the vinyl tubing keeping the big loop open.
  16. marchem

    Replace Wind Transducer

    Replaced ours when we bought the boat. Actually, my rigger did; he’s much better going up the rig than me. He also replaced the steaming/deck light housing at the same time.
  17. marchem

    Odd Discharge

    The PO installed this air filter on our engine. No need to worry about the foam deteriorating, but it does like a washing and oiling now and then.
  18. marchem

    Strange starting issue - anyone else experienced?

    I’m not sure I would call it a luxury. An oil pressure gauge will also tell you when the oil has warmed up; you want to avoid high rpm until the oil is warm. I prefer having both, and removed the voltage gauge for the oil pressure one.
  19. marchem

    Strange starting issue - anyone else experienced?

    I just ran a wire from the engine to the engine instrument pod. It was pretty easy to do. As I recall blue is the “official” wire color for an oil sensor. No need to run a ground, because that’s already done for you.
  20. marchem

    Strange starting issue - anyone else experienced?

    Tom, I’m pretty sure the fittings on the engine are 1/8” pipe. That’s what the parts manual for the M25 XPB shows and I’m pretty sure that‘s what I installed. Maybe those parts were added by Westerbeke?