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    I looking at making an offer on a 1070 C&C Frigate 36. Any experience that you can share about sailing characteristics or issues to be aware of or what to look for? Thanks Phil
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    Auto bilge pump

    I thought my auto bilge pump was broken. However when I creased the wires back to the panel and broke the circuit and reconnected it works for five seconds and then stopped. I had to put water in the bilge before hand to make sure that there was enough there to set it off automatically. Why...
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    VHF antennae cable

    I have classic 31. Time to replace VHF cable. Sounds simple but the holes top and bottom are just big enough for existing cable without tape wrapped around it. Does the masthead fitting come off so I could get at it thar way?
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    Killem for diesel fuel

    I bought a sailboat with a diesel on Sept 1st. It had a near full tank of diesel and I haven't used the engine much. Tank is about 50 liters. I need to top up for the winter (Nova Scotia Canada) and want to add Killem. It will likely take about 5 - 10 liters. What I don't know is if the existing...